Gaining the Trust of Your New Team

Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table


A new team leader finds it difficult to become a part of her team. They do not know her and do not want to trust her. But, if she begins the relationship in a cordial way and acts like a responsible mentor to her teammates, she can build trust. If she falters in the initial stage, she should try to win back the trust of her new team members. It is necessary for a manager to gain the trust of her team members because she has to work with them. In this article, we will discuss the techniques of gaining trust of team members. It will help in understanding team management as well as team building and dynamics.

An Idea

With trust, a team leader can build a team that inputs maximum efforts to achieve success. Without trust she will not be able to make them do anything. Unless team members start trusting their manager, they will not be motivated to work for her and with her. If they do not want to work with her, they are not a team. Unless a team leader creates trust among her team members regarding herself, they will not consider a leader. Once, the new manager gets them to trust her they will work with diligence and enthusiasm.

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