Force Field Analysis and Its Implementation

Force Field Analysis


In the year 1940, Kurt Lewin created the concept of Force field analysis. He originally used this tool in his work as social psychologist. Today, however, this tool is used in the analysis of the business for communicating through the go-or–not go decisions.

Basic Concept

The Force Field Analysis is a helpful decision making tool which helps to analyze whether to go or not to go for a specific change. It also helps in finding out the logical reasons behind your decisions. It includes activities like listing, discussing and evaluating the various forces for and against the proposed changes. Whenever a change is planned, the Force field analysis can help you to look at the bigger picture and weigh all the pros and cons of the change. You can develop the strategies according to the pros and cons. This can help you in opposing all the negative impacts. The forces which are for the changes are known as the driving forces and those work against the changes are called the retraining forces.

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