Follow a Few Effective Strategies of Email Marketing and Target Your Audience Easily

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You will be astonished to know that approximately 144 billion emails are sent everyday worldwide. The figure is huge just because email marketing has become the most effective way for several business houses to reach consumers. A new study that has monitored over 120 campaigns suggests that emails still have the greater ability to bring new customers compared to social media sites.

Often, it gets very difficult to manage a large number of mails. If you are facing such problem, this article may help you with an effective solution. In this article, we will discuss about some useful email strategies through which you will learn about the most effective way to target your audience via emails.

Identify the purpose of your mails if you are the recipient

It is not that every email in your inbox to bother you, as you can get some important email from your boss or business partners also. However, classifying emails based on their importance is the most effective way to manage your inbox. Here a few points are given below that will show some purpose that your company might choose to let you know via emails.

  • Sell my product
  • Generate revenue through advertising
  • Convince people to register for any particular event
  • Enhance company’s reputation by mailing customers
  • Keep your company at top of your mind

Personalize emails without recipient’s name

There is no doubt that the most effective tool of email marketing is relationship. You may have to face questions like, does the recipient know you or does he or she trust you much? We know a lot about intimacy in our personal life, and we must know that the same thing happens with the emails too.

The strategy of personalizing email is a meaningful and effective way and if you try to follow the method, you should have little knowledge to use someone’s name in your emails and it demonstrates greater care when a person sends personalized emails to some particular recipients.

Try to send emails between 8 p.m. to midnight

You may think that official emails should be sent in working hours, but the top email strategy says that sending email at night is the most effective way to target audience. Here are factors that will determine the performance your email if they are sent at night.

  • It often depends upon customers’ mood, inbox crowding, and activity time of other marketers
  • The strategy will not work if the recipient work in night shifts
  • Familiar topics may divert recipient’s attention towards others
  • Attractive titles also influences the recipient’s mind

Maintain proper length of subject line

Subject with 60 to 70 characters is considered as the dead zone of the subject line. However, research shows subject lines that come with 60 to 70 characters have greater rate of response and subject line with 50 or less character have much lower rate of response. Thus, if you want to boost clicks by the recipients, then try to maintain a balance in your subject length.

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Weekends are the best time to send emails

If you are gaining nothing from sending emails at night, then the best way you can try is, send emails on the weekends. A study shows that senders get more response in weekends than weekdays and most of companies are keeping their activity level high on those days.

However, the volume of per email should be kept low so that people do not have to spend much time on it. The content of the email should be attractive and firm so that it can drag the attention of recipient easily.

Try to reconnect with inactive subscribers

You may have huge customer database, but the question is how many of them are active subscribers! Research has found that the average percentage of inactive customer is 63 percent. However, if you have decided to focus on those inactive subscribers, then re-engagement campaign will be the perfect strategy to start with. If you work on you 63 percent inactive subscribers and manage to draw the attention of at least 20 or 30 percent of them, your overall percentage will be above the average level.


Email is considered as the most effective way to communicate within our community for several purposes. Most of the companies today are using emails in order to spread out information about their product, service, and concept of any other events. However, if someone, who is pursuing the process, moves forward with right strategies, then the person or the organization could embark on the track of success. Thus, follow those strategies that appear suitable for your needs and see how your approach can draw the attention of large number of target audience.

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