Fear of Success – An Analysis

Business Acronym FEAR


Every employee yearns for recognition. However, there are many who take a step back when they are given the opportunity to prove themselves. This attitude is a result of fear of success. This fear makes people lose out on many chances they get in life. When a person is too scared to move towards her goals she gets glued to one place. This attitude is sometimes unconscious and sometimes conscious. In this article, we will discuss about fear of success and also learn about the coping strategies of stress management.


In the early 1970s, Matina Horner, a psychologist was the first to diagnose the fear of success. In those days, her results were controversial as they dealt with the fear of success in women. However, since then most psychologists and scientists have agreed that fear of success exists in both women and men.

An Idea

Fear of success is quite equivalent to the fear of failure. Both the fears have the same kinds of symptoms and both hold back an individual from accomplishing her goals.

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