Exit Interviews – Categories and Importance

Exit Interviews – Categories and Importance

An Introduction

Employees are among the most integral stakeholders of a company. If you want your organization to be a dream company, you have to realize the importance of employees. In case an employee voices his decision to leave your organization, you must ask him the reason behind his resignation. In this article, you will learn about the exit interviews that are conducted when an employee declares his resignation.

What is Exit Interview?

Exit interview is a survey that is conducted when an employee leaves an organization. It helps in obtaining employee feedback. The answers that you get are stepping stones to improve the company’s performance and team management. You can also get to know how satisfied your employees are.

A departing employee has no inhibition regarding what he or she says so, he or she speaks the truth about management, recruitment process, work culture, development, etc.

On the other hand, it is a way to let the departing employee know that even though he or she is leaving, his or her opinion is valued by the company. This ends any kind of bitter feeling and people leave with a positive mindset.

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