Evaluating Potential Suppliers with 10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation

10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation


You may sometimes select wrong suppliers for your business function. Though the supplier is providing you with good price, but later you may come to know that the quality standard is not matching your requirements. To avoid this mismatch, you are required to evaluate the suppliers in the proper method before finally selecting them in your approved list of suppliers. In this article we will discuss about the 10 Cs of Supplier Evaluation model.

Basic Concept

Ray Carter, the director of the DPSS consultants originally introduced the concept of 7 Cs of effective supplier evaluation. The original concept was expanded to 10 and now it is better known as the 10 C’s of supplier evaluation. This particular evaluation can provide a clear understanding to the individuals who are involved in the performance measurement of the suppliers.

10 Cs of supplier evaluation is the standard framework for choosing the suppliers. This criterion will help to provide a benchmark by giving some standard procedure and eliminating the guesswork from the entire process. It is a thorough method for all the potential entrants in the supply field. The evaluation can take place through the form of site visit, questionnaires and the interviews. The assessment can go through the quality standards, financial stability, organizational structure etc. The existing and the potential suppliers can compete to get listed in the approved supplier list (ASL). This helps in improving the performance of the existing suppliers and also ensures you that you have the right list of suppliers in your approved list.

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