Ensuring a Successful Transition in Your Business

Successful Handover


A handover or a transition is a process where you can mentor your successors to gain their position. You can share your knowledge and experience of your past position and help them to be accustomed with them.

Basic Concept

A smooth transition of responsibilities in your workplace can take place when you are taking a leave temporarily or you are permanently leaving the position. The society can hold an annual general meeting for taking over for the following year. The committee can handover the roles to the new committee. The handover meetings can include the following tasks:

  • The outgoing and the ingoing committees can hold the handover meetings
  • Meetings can be held with all the relevant contacts for introduction of the new committees
  • A handover file can be documented in writing
  • The meeting with the outgoing officers with all the new comers
  • A social program can be held for the incoming and the outgoing committee members

Now, the handover can ensure continuity in the long run. The committees can make sure that all the activities and the achievements are going in the right track after the succession. A proper handover can prevent the dangers ad pitfalls of the lack of skills and the knowledge of the successors.

How can the Transition Process take place?

  • Sufficient Time: You need enough time to handover all your responsibilities to the newcomers. If you just have one day before you leave and the starter comes in, you are not actually provided with adequate time. Even if you are dealing with simple jobs, you are required at least a week for handing over all your job responsibilities. This may not be encouraged by most of the companies as they will have to pay for the same position for one week. You can easily negotiate with the management for providing you with the required time so that you are not bothered after you have left. This transition process in the organization can also save training costs to the newcomers. Therefore you should be given ample time as you are the only person who can provide answers to some detailed questions in that particular job role.
  • Little Things not to be avoided: Specific little things in your workplace should not be omitted while you are mentoring your successor. It may be that button in the fax machine which will make the software crash or the location of the coffee machine in your floor. This will definitely save some valuable time which will help the newcomer to concentrate more on his job and not on the trivial things. The finer details that you know can be shared with your successors for a smooth handover.
  • Avoid Personal Differences: In some cases where you are not willingly leaving the job, it may be painful for mentoring your successors. You should put aside all your personal grievances while handing over your responsibilities. Never burden your successor with all your personal opinions and views about the organization and its management. Always try to be positive while mentoring the new comers as they have nothing to do with the differences of you and your employers.

You can put yourself in the shoes of the successors and try to understand what they will want to know from you. You can have the knowledge of the skills and the experiences of the new person and can customize your handover process accordingly. All your data and records should be in a systematic method so that you do not face any hindrance during the transition process. You should always clarify the points that are actually the definite rules of the organization and what are your personal views. If the new committee wants to do the activities in a new way, you should acknowledge and respect their views.

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There can be cases where you can experience worse effects of the handovers. Some of them can be:

  • The new committee is committing repeated mistakes. Therefore the learning period can go longer than expected.
  • The ingoing committee may be unaware of the process of accessing the accounts, emails and the websites.
  • New committee may have lack of confidence for successfully taking over the responsibilities
  • There can be loss of respect towards the outgoing committee that can result in a bad handover process.
  • The new committee members can have a feeling that the society is going backwards instead of improving

So, for a smooth transition, you can take care of the following points and can include them in the handover process.

  • All the passwords and the keys that you were using throughout your position
  • The whole records of your financial year
  • Any unanswered mails or posts of any clients
  • All the problems you have faced and their successful solutions you have used
  • The systematic process of running the core activities which falls under your job responsibilities
  • All the important contacts that you used during your work
  • For the help and support purpose, to whom should the new comers can appear at the first place
  • All the successful events of the organization should be explained to the new comers
  • All the records of the sponsorships and the financial agreements of your organization
  • A brief history and the background of the group or the team you worked with

When you are mentoring the enthusiastic new comers, the process can be fun and exciting. But if issues arise during the process, the line managers can help you sort out all the issues. They can act as good mediators between you and the newcomer.

Key Points from the Article

From the above article we can easily understand

  • The basic concept of the handover process
  • The process of a successful handover
  • What can be the effect of a bad handover?
  • The activities which are to be included during the handover process

With sufficient time and specific details you can perform a smooth transition process and can make way for the newcomers in the organization.

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