Engaging New Recruits can Result in Enhanced Business Productivity

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It is nice to learn that you have spent quiet a huge amount of time for recruiting right people for right jobs. During the screening process, you have also figured out whether a candidate can match up with your workplace values. Is it the end? No. When you assign these candidates with specified tasks, then it may happen that some of them will become overwhelmed. This situation will spoil the coordination among your team members and therefore, you will be at loss. Do not worry. By engaging new recruits, you can fulfill your business goals.

How To Engage New Recruits?

  • Mentoring
  • Motivating
  • Giving proper recognition
  • Collaborating
  • Establishing proper communication
  • Making aware of corporate culture and many more

Scheduling Time for Training

It is sure that new recruits will take time to perform their assigned tasks and to understand the policies of a company. So, you should set aside some time for professional development training for ensuring that they have time for learning the essential skills that are helpful for holding their position.

Motivating New Employees

Promising and offering handsome pay hike during interviewing process generates willingness to join that company. But, its effect is short lived. When a candidate steps into a new environment, he or she can receive cultural shocks in many ways.

So, you need to act as an effective leader, who can influence and motivate candidates for understanding the importance of their role. You have to make sure that your organization’s goals are clearly stated and you can work with your new team for attaining those prescribed goals.

Offering Mentoring Support

New employees are almost like freshers who only have basic knowledge. These candidates do not know how your line managers work or what type of temperament they possess. So, you are required to deploy a mentor to task, who can solve all the queries of such candidates, which they cannot ask to their line managers due to some reasons. So, you can see that the productivity of an individual rises gradually and you can expect the desired performance out of him or her.

Providing Recognition

As a responsible leader of your organization, you have to ensure that the new recruits, who have received motivation during the induction program, should be able to take it at next level and become productive, communicative and engaged in their respective role. For that purpose, you need to constantly reward them publicly. Their efforts should not be taken for granted. They are the people who will help you to attain success for fulfilling your company’s goals and they will also motivate others to become engaged.

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Collaborating With New Recruits

When you joined or floated your company, you might have worked with many of your subordinates or franchisees for fulfilling the vision of your firm. Your past- experience has definitely helped you to capture the personal inputs of your employees for future growth. So, you have to treat new recruits as your partners, who can come up their own views regarding certain business practice. So, from time to time, you need to conduct meetings with them and engage them to share their opinions regarding company’s progress. This kind of move will definitely help your new recruits to feel that they are engaged and will result in enhanced productivity.

Take Note on Meritocracy

In addition to rewarding for hard work, it is required that you reserve the power for those candidates who earn it through their merit. It is vital for your organization to have diverse talents at every point.

Someone with more power or diverse talent always cannot be an inherent leader. As a guardian or custodian of new staffs, you should always have an open mind set and this can help you in recognizing the true potential of candidates, which will provide suitable ways of promoting from within the department.

Giving Responsibilities to New Recruits

You can use this kind of strategy to assure someone that he or she is the integral part of your team. If you do not give assignments or responsibility to new recruits after they have joined your company, they will lose initial excitement, which they had about new opportunity, feel discouraged and may quit your organization.

Creating Goals and Career Plan

Creating career plans and goals are efficient ways of capturing excitement of new recruits. Employees love to know what goals they are striving for and how they are working to attain them. Providing them a path and definitive goals is the best way for harnessing their excitement and making them a functional member of a team.

Establishing Effective Communication

By simply bombarding a message will not solve the purpose. A person can become an effective leader to run a successful company, who intelligently establishes two – way communication. It also signifies that you should not keep on speaking. Allow others to speak and note the points being made. Without establishing proper communication, you cannot build understanding, trust and collaboration, which are important for engaging employees and running of successful organization.

Promoting Responsiveness

Along with the power of good listening, you have to promote responsiveness to new recruits at every situation. Responsiveness as well as open communication and honesty help discussing with employees with various issues and creates environment for working together to overcome hurdles.

Taking Innovative Measures

It is always desirable that you learn new things. But, it is equally important for you implement new policies or changes that have taken place shortly. Adapting to changes or new demands not only keeps an organization relevant, but also sports exciting challenges for new employees, which can make tasks appear enjoyable. Challenges not only help a company, but they provide ideal ways for employees to grow.

Creating Sense of Enjoyment

You need to ensure that the new recruits should not develop fear from their assigned tasks. Generating an enjoyable and comfortable space, mentally and physically, where new recruits feel supported and welcomed by their team members is important for raising productivity.


Hiring new candidates for your company is an exciting opportunity. For your organization, it represents new perspective, vision and ideas. Engaging your new recruits with proper planning and strategies can lead to enhanced business productivity.

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