Energize Yourself to Work Efficiently

Energizing Yourself - A Detailed Study


There are times when a professional becomes tired and wants to take rest. These are times when an employee cannot deliver quality and gets irritated on simple things. The main idea is that to do anything she needs to be energized. In this article, we will discuss about low energy levels and what can be done to eliminate them. These strategies give full concentration on increasing personal effectiveness.

Causes of Low Energy

There are many reasons for low energy levels. Mentioned below are some of the causes.

  • Unhealthy food habits
  • Less opportunity to sleep
  • Consumption of medicines
  • Deficiency of vitamins and iron
  • Dearth of exercise
  • Depression
  • Lack of motivation
  • Hypothyroidism
  • Stress

Quick Solutions

# Walk

  • Short walks enhance oxygen flow to brains.
  • A change in atmosphere helps in increasing energy level.
  • She can walk with a friend, so that she does not get bored while walking.
  • She should walk in areas with light surroundings to benefit the increase in energy levels.

# Utilize Light

  • If the office has a window, she should remove the curtains, so that ample light can get in.
  • If there is no window, she should make sure that the lamps are bright. Lamps that emit strong light can make professionals feel more alert.
  • The light from the monitor also has impact on the energy level and can deactivate hormones that induce sleep.
  • Daylight lamps, which are used for increasing mental alertness, can be used to excite energy levels.

# Music

  • When a person listens to high-energy music, her body gets excited and she responds to it in a faster way. She starts tapping her feet and her spirits rise.
  • Music has a deep impact on the level of energy. Some categories of music make people feel energized, alert and awake, while other categories make them tense, drowsy and annoyed.
  • The sort of music that a person can like depends on her personality. In most cases, jazz and classical music brings back energy while some people feel energized by hard rock or pop. When she realizes that her energy is reducing, she should turn on the music and feel revamped.

# Consume water

  • Lack of water hampers the energy level and people do not want to work. A professional who is suffering from low energy should drink lots of water to be able to work efficiently.
  • The moment she realizes that her energy is decreasing she should drink some water. A human being on an average should drink around 2.5 liters of fluid a day.
  • The fluid she drinks may not be necessarily water; however she must be aware of the fact that the other liquid she drinks does not offset the quality of water. For instance, fruit drinks with high sugar content provide energy for short period of time, but it is followed by more tiredness. On the other hand, caffeine can cause anxiety problems in the professional.

# Take rest

  • The professional should take sometime before she starts her day when she does not do anything and not think about anything regarding her work. She can observe the way she breathes.
  • This helps in relaxing the body muscles and the professional feels content. She feels refreshed and ready for the day.

Long–term Solutions

# Exercise

  • Regular exercise has the capacity to increase the energy level in a professional. Over the years, studies have proved that exercise is necessary to lead a healthy and fulfilling life.
  • Exercising regularly also introduces a sense of happiness and well-being.
  • The professional may be very busy, but she should make it a point to exercise on a daily basis.

# Keep an eye on the schedule

  • The extent to which the office schedule and office work can affect the energy level of an employee should be observed. For instance, if the professional is an early riser, she will be filled with energy in the morning. After lunch in the afternoon she will have low energy. It will again be regained in the evening.
  • The professional should in this case, keep the most critical tasks slotted for the morning, which is the time when she is at her maximum energy level.

# Have healthy diet

  • The diet of a person impacts to a great extent the energy level of a person. When she eats food that is poor in quality like those rich in salt, sugar, artificial ingredients and fat, she does not consume the nutrients that are needed to give her best.
  • Some of the unhealthy food and drink like, ice creams, chips or candies render a quick gush of energy because they raise the level of blood sugar. But, such levels drop as quickly as they come and leave the consumer feeling lower than before. Having three balanced meals a day is better than constant devouring of sugary or briny snacks. Mid – afternoon and mid – morning snacks, such as low - fat cheese, almonds, vegetables, fruits and yogurt can be consumed by the professional.

# Find interest in work

  • Energy often lowers when the professional finds a task meaningless and boring. When a task is conducted everyday it indeed becomes monotonous and she feels lazy.
  • She should identify the tasks that drain her the most. These tasks are often not important, but not urgent enough to be done on a regular basis. She should also be aware of the time spent on these tasks.
  • She should then determine if she really has to do those tasks. If not, they can be delegated to someone else who might find them interesting.
  • There are times when an employee loses interest in the role she is assigned to. She can then go through the purpose of her role. This will help her recollect her objectives and the influence her activities have on the company.

To Sum Up

From the article, we have deduced that there are many causes to have low energy. However, certain measures like, music, a healthy diet, a meaningful task, exercise, proper rest and proper utilization of light can render a professional energized and revamped to start a day.

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