Dos and Don’ts for a Good Night Sleep

Dos and Don’ts for a Good Night Sleep


A good night sleep improves memory, gifts a happy mental state and promotes cell rejuvenation – there are many more health benefits of a daily eight-hour sound sleep. On the other hand, a weak immune system, susceptibility to heart diseases, frequent mood swings and the risk of suffering from diabetes – these are some of the innumerable health hazards caused by poor sleep. So, will you continue to compromise with your sleep on a regular basis? You may cite multiple reasons to justify why you are unable to have a good night sleep. But, this article will explore several reasons why you should sleep well for at least six to eight hours regularly. Then, we will go ahead with the main topic i.e. things to do and not to do for sound sleep.

How Poor Sleep Affects Your Health?

# Obesity –

Impaired sleep disturbs your appetite. Even after having full meals, you may feel hungry as a result of which, you may overfeed yourself. This signals obesity, a serious health trouble engulfing more and more Americans very quickly.

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