Discussing The Peter Principle and Techniques to Prevent It

The Peter Principle

An Introduction

There have been circumstances, when the knowledge of an employee at an administrative level has failed to impress his or her superiors. This article deals with the problem of employee promotion, till they reach the point of incompetence. To understand this problem and maintain proper team management, we will study about Peter Principle and the means to avoid the occurrence of employee incompetence.

Peter Principle

The Peter Principle – Origin and Idea

The concept of Peter Principle came into being after Dr Laurence J. Peter, business consultant, sociologist and lecturer, wrote a book with Raymond Hull in 1969, ‘The Peter Principle: Why Things Always Go Wrong’.

The Peter Principle is a concept in management, where the recruitment of a candidate for a particular position is based on the performance of the candidate in the present role and not on the capabilities for the role he or she has to play after the promotion.

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