Discovering Excellence with the Shingo Model



The hunt for progress is always intuitive. To be successful in the long run, the businesses and the organizations engage themselves in the constant pursuit of improving things, if the organization is not making the improvement activities as their top priority, they are sure to get a declining phase at a very early stage. All the great leaders must thrive for excellence. The constant search for perfection can bring the best for the individual as well as for the organization. There are various improvement initiatives which have failed with various negative consequences. Some of them are Just in Time, Business Process Re engineering, Quality circles, Six Sigma and Lean. These are some of the initiatives which under delivered with their promises.

Basic Concept

The Shingo Model for the operational excellence is dependent on the systematic study of each initiative approaches. The model is based on the teaching of Dr. Shiego Shingo who identified the business improvement is possible through the clear understanding of the relationship between principles, tools and the systems. The approaches get over the tool which focuses on the guiding principles rather than the supporting key concepts revolved around them. As we can recognize the necessity of improvement, we will try to enable systems with better principle depending upon the behaviors. The Shingo house will provide an overview of all the guiding principles and the supporting concepts. If the entire concept can be taken as a whole, the principles can become the basis of creating a long term cultural excellence with the execution of fulfilling the mission of the business. The operational excellence cannot be only a single program; it is rather a set of tools in the new management system. It can be explained as the result of the enterprise behaviors depending on the correct principles.

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