Delving Deeper into the Idea of New Year’s Resolutions

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It is natural for people to make resolutions on New Year. But, there are also many people who have stopped making New Year resolutions because they have become tired of planning them and then failing to maintain those resolutions. This might be because of the fact that people have a lot of pressure on themselves regarding the resolutions they make. People fail to maintain their resolutions because they are more concerned with what they should accomplish than the way they should accomplish. In this article, we will discuss about making New Year’s Resolution, setting goals and personal effectiveness.


  • There are two mistakes that a professional commits before she makes her New Year’s resolutions. The first is that she thinks about the activity she should do and the second is that she thinks about the things she should not do anymore. The main focus is always on what ‘should’ be done and not on what she wants to do.
  • She forgets that she cannot feel motivated unless she is committed to a certain activity. Then, she quits after the first few obstacles. Thus, the first dictum of New Year’s resolutions is that they should be ones that the professional will be committed to.
  • It is important to make New Year's resolutions because it is a famous practice. Given the fact that everyone is aware of the fact everyone is making resolution acts as an external source of support. With this external support and the internal motivation of the professional, she can make the best and succeed or the may not make the best and fail.

Rules to Follow

Mentioned below are some of the rules that a professional should follow when making New Year’s resolutions.

# Talking about resolutions

Research shows that public announcement of resolutions take away the tendency to work hard to attain a goal and also creates an inflated image of the person announcing them.

Low tendency to work hard

A group of law students were asked to participate in a survey where they had to rate statements like ‘I will make the best use of law to help the homeless,’ from yes to no. The researchers then surveyed the effort of the students. The students were given an option to participate anonymously or publicly.


The survey showed that students, who dropped the questionnaire anonymously, stayed put at the task for longer time than who had publicly solved the questionnaire.

Inflated image

Another group of students were asked to come up with two things they would do to become successful politicians. Some students stated their activities publicly, while others kept it secret. After that they were shown four pictures of a successful politician and asked to choose one. The pictures were in various sizes.


The students who chose the bigger pictures had made their activities public and those who chose the smaller pictures where the ones who worked anonymously. This means that the students who acted publicly have greater self image. Inflated self image can be harmful because it makes a person work less hard.

# One resolution at once

A professional should come up with one resolution at once. This is because human willpower is a limited resource and the presence of many resolutions makes it weak.

Two groups were asked to do two separate things. One group was asked to think of a tiger and manifest their thoughts. They were also asked to mark on the board every time they thought about the tiger. The other group was asked not to think about a tiger and to suppress their thought process. After this, all the participants were asked to solve puzzles.


It was found that participants who were not allowed to express their thoughts did not fare well in the puzzle. On the other hand those who expressed their thought fared well in the puzzle game. This is because they did not have to restrain their thoughts. Their mind was not overwhelmed with more than one activity.

# Writing down resolutions

Research says that those who write down their resolutions have a greater chance of fulfilling them.

Around a hundred participants were gathered and divided into two groups. One group was asked to write down their goals and the others were not.

After a month, the participants were asked to review their activities and measure how far they have accomplished after the resolutions were set.

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It was found that those participants who wrote done their goals had greater accomplishments after a month.

# Speak about resolutions to a friend or a close cousin

If a person speaks about her resolutions to a close friend or cousin, she stands greater chance to maintain her goals.

The participants were divided into three teams. The first team was asked to write their objectives. The second team was asked to write done the objectives and decide to inform a friend and the third group was asked to do both the above actions and inform a friend at the same time.


After a month it was found that the participants who had informed a friend had fared better in maintaining their resolutions than the other two groups.

# If she is really serious about making alterations she should make the resolutions

A research has shown that people who are really serious about the resolutions tend to maintain their goals and achieve them.

The participants were divided into two groups. One group was asked to resolve to achieve the goals they had and the other group was asked not to make a resolution to achieve the goals they had.


After a period of six months, it was noticed that those participants who resolved to achieve their goals are more successful in attaining them than those who did not resolve.

To Sum Up

From the above article, it can be deduced that if a person wants to make New Year’s resolutions she has to maintain certain rules that makes sure that she achieves them.

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