Delegation and Team Management – A Thorough Study

To a job well done!

An Introduction

If an employee in a company is good at his or her work, the work pressure of that professional will be more than others. But, completing the task in hand turns out to be difficult if the work assigned to the employee is more than what he or she can handle. With limited capability to complete work, the success received in helping others is also limited. As a result, the employee feels stressed and unhappy. However, if that employee delegates his or her task, the success in helping others will be more. In this article, we will discuss about successful delegation as a part of team management.


In management, when a team leader confers the power of doing a task on a subordinate, it is called delegation. Though superiors delegate work to juniors, the ultimate responsibility to complete the task lies with the former.


Delegation- An art

It is not possible for a manager to do all the work in his or her department. They distribute the authority to do a particular work to the other levels. In this way, work is cascaded down from one level to another. This process of spreading power is called ‘scalar chain’. According to this principle, there exists a distinct line of authority that runs from the topmost level of a company to the bottom. This line of authority consists of a chain of relationships between a leader and his or her subordinates. It runs vertically, enabling up and down movement of information.

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