Dealing with Poor Performance

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If you find an employee performing less than you are expecting from him or her, you should look out for the root cause of the issue. There is no doubt that employee performance affects the growth rate of any organization and you would never want your employee to be an under-performer. However, if you are witnessing such issues in your organization, what would be the first step you would take for some reasonable solution? Would you send such employees for some training or just simply move them into different role in your company? Here, we will discuss some facts that can help in the process.

  • Boost motivation
  • Tough selection
  • Cause of poor performance

Try to boost their ability and motivation

Before going to the main fact, you have to understand the true essence of ability and motivation. Here in corporate sectors, the term ‘ability’ stands for a person’s aptitude and training and availability of resources. However, the term ‘motivation’ stands for the ability, as if an individual has 100% motivation that that means he will have 75 % working ability. But, if you find a person with below 25% ability, then you should consider him or her as a non-performer at your organization.

Always follow a tough selection process

Whenever an organization goes through the recruitment process, it should try all the possible tools to choose a proficient employee. If you are recruiting employee on your own then be sure to assess candidate’s ability, because his or her ability will determine their work efficiency. You should remember that minor deficiency could be addressed and improved through trainings.

Find out the cause of poor performance

If you really want to fix the problem of poor performance then you have to trace out the real cause of it. You have to understand that does it derive from lack of ability or deficiency of motivation. However, if you fail to trace out the real cause of the problem and offer it wrong treatment then it can create new problems.

If we find an employee performing less than what we expect from the person, then the most common thing that we do is, we increase pressure on him or her to deliver. However, if the employee is suffering from the lack of ability then increased pressure will make the problem more difficult.

A few points are given below that will help you to diagnose low ability.

  • Low aptitude, skill and knowledge
  • Putting best effort for minor tasks
  • Less improvement over time than other
  • Dissatisfied with tasks

Best Processes of Enhancing Ability

If you want to give your employee more chances to remain in your organization, then you should take some initiative through which you can enhance his/her ability to perform. There a few steps that you can follow in order to train your under-performing employees.

# Resupply of resources

To make your under-performing employee productive, you have to focus on resources that have been offered to them to do the job. Asking them about some additional resources would be a great idea if they need it. You can ask them if they are facing any problem to do their job or whether there is any lack of some facilities.

Note if your employees state that the kind of support they are getting from your organization is inadequate then verify their claim through investigation on your own. It has been found that under-achievers often blame other sources for their poor performance instead of admitting their own fault.

# Offer additional training

Providing additional training to those under-performing employees can be a better option through which you can explore whether they need any additional skill or not. It has been seen that people find themselves helpless when they are contacted with latest technology and lose their work efficiency.

Skill development training can make them updated with latest technology and motivated them to deliver more on duty. However, there several training options are available such as computer-based training, pursuing courses in subsidized college or university, conducting yoga class through you can make your employee more productive than before.

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# Repost

If you find these first two options are irrelevant to your problem, then you can put those under-performers into another job. You have to analyze that what kind of job is best suited for them and try to figure out their ability and disability in jobs you have given to them.

If your main objective is to retain the employee, then you have to rearrange favorable environment for the employee and should offer him or her some rewording work.

# Reassign the tasks

If those above mentioned tactics do not turn the situation around, you should look for reassigning the under-performer. We have seen organizations following the tactic of demotion of poor-performer but we never suggest a company to pursue the formula, because the tactic will even make your high performing employees feel insecure that can restrain the pace of their performance.

You have to remember the fact that the performance of an under-achiever is not intentionally poor; the individual may simply lack the skill that is required for the position.

# Let the employee go

This should be considered as the final and last option of those above mentioned plans do not work. If you find that there is no place for reassigned or repost or your organization does not have any other convenient alternative then you will have no other option than letting the employee to go.

However, you may consider some contractual terms and conditions, but throughout the process you can offer opportunities for the team and the under-performing employee, because the individual may get some better opportunity through a suitable job where he or she can work with 100 per cent job satisfaction.


Before following these steps make sure that you are running an organization where most of the employees are working with ease and they have job satisfaction, as you have created a favorable working environment for your employee.

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