Crossby’s 14 Step Improvement Plan – An Analysis

Crossby’s 14 Step Improvement Plan


The complicated chapter in life for anyone is to mark for his progress, which really takes quite a few steps to build up in a short span of time. More than anything the need for the hour, the determination for the goal and simple thinking just helps you to sort out things on a positive note. Putting up reasons for the failure of the project like insufficiency of funds, lack of cooperation and timing brings out the downfall of the projects. Despite good supervisions often, the project falls to meet the parameters and deadlines. Subsequently, the need for organizing quality improvement programs becomes critical. Such programs in place augment learning curve and performance of both the company and individual.

Crossby’s 14 Step of Improvement – An Idea

The Crossby’14 step of improvement program keeps intact the eagerness, excitement and interest for the project’s goals until its completion. Often, people find it difficult to meet project deadlines even after getting professional help and working in teams. However, the truth is that people are slow to accepting changes and less adept at bouncing back in course of a diversion.

A change in the course of project management and execution brings them to an unconditional stage where the acceptance to the advanced step is not welcomed. People want to build on their existing skills and knowledge base to move forward with the projects, but that may affect their approach to finishing the task.

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