Critical Thinking – A Study

Critical Thinking - A Study


Most of the times, people do not think about how they think. However, people make decisions everyday and evaluate the each other’s opinions. Generating new ideas require careful thinking. Professionals use idea generating techniques to make better decisions. In this article, we will discuss about critical thinking and how it helps in decision making.


The style of using data and reasoning skillfully is called critical thinking. It helps to guide beliefs and actions.

  • This indicates that the decision maker questions her thought process.
  • She tries to reason her assumptions plus judgment and understand if the facts she has at her disposal are right or not.
  • This kind of in-depth questioning is called Socratic questioning after the Greek philosopher Socrates.
  • Idea generating techniques are helpful, but if the decision maker does not use correct assumption while evaluating, the final outcome may be filled with flaw.
  • If the decision maker permits her emotions to cover her analytic power, she can end up making a biased decision.
  • The lack of all necessary facts leads to low profile solutions.
  • If the decision maker accepts the ideas of others, she gets into the risk of being manipulated. This is the time when critical thinking steps in.

Critical thinking helps a decision maker in making the right decision. This also helps her to make proper judgments in all aspects of her life.

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