Corporate Social Responsibility – A Detailed Study

Corporate Social Responsibility-A Study

An Introduction

In the twenty first century, companies have more responsibility than to merely earn profits and pay taxes. They are responsible towards the society in a more broad way. The society demands ethical treatment of employees, fair trade and protection of environment from companies. This expectation does not only rest on big companies, but smaller ones too. In this article, we will discuss about strategy tools used by corporate social responsibility and see how companies can manage society’s expectations and enjoy profits at the same time.

An Idea of Corporate Social Responsibility

Organizations are influential and they can wield their power in influencing both the community and the national economy. They have a lot of money that is meant to invest on programs that are socially conscious. There are some companies that pretend to be socially responsible. This attitude is called "greenwashing." However, companies that want to earn goodwill, devote time and money for environmental programs. They implement initiatives to benefit customers, employees and the community at large.

Other tools you might find interesting