Cognitive Restructuring Helps in Making Positive Business Decisions



Your boss has asked you to prepare a sales report that covers past six months’ performance. You have consulted various employees of the sales department and through meticulous study of data, you have prepared the report and presented to your boss. Your senior goes through the report. He is quiet happy with your performance. But, he gives you some suggestions for further improvement. During that time, you become upset and you leave the cabin. Then, you realize that you need to control your emotions, as it will affect your team members. So, you take deep breath and then you write down how your boss suggested making those improvements. After sometime, you go to him and admit your mistake. It is the cognitive restructuring technique that has helped you to control your nerves to aim for perfection.

Cognitive Restructuring – Definition

Cognitive restricting is a technique, which helps you to understand unhappy moods and feelings and to challenge something that appears wrong. You can use this technique for reframing the unnecessary negative thinking, which many people experience from time to time.

Bad moods result into unpleasant experience. These types of emotions lead to deterioration of performance and ruin relationships with other people.

Cognitive restructuring helps you in changing the distorted or negative thinking, which often lies behind such moods. So, it provides with ways for approaching with positive mindset.

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