Coaching With Feedback – An Effective Tool for Performance Management

Coaching with feedback


Many people don’t know the value of coaching with feedback. Because of this, they provide feedback in such a way that it impacts the performance of team members in a negative way. Good employees are often left to themselves and poor employees are not considered as accountable. The team leader should know how to direct the discussions with employees with regard to their work performance. The main purpose of Coaching with feedback approach is to consider the employee for his own performance or behavior.

Organizations should conduct coaching with feedback workshops, where the participants learn the techniques that help them maintain the control of discussion. The techniques use in this workshop are applies to the performance conversations to maintain good performance. This kind of workshop is ideal for managers, team leaders and higher officials of the organization.

In this article, we will explain how coaching with feedback is treated as effective management tool and unlocks the potential of the team. If you are interested in moving from lower grade to higher grade, then you should be an excellent coach who provides feedback along with encouragement. This article teaches you how to maintain high expectation while coaching and providing valuable feedback.

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