Coaching for Team Performance to Increase Productivity

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Teams can be said as the means by which organizations move forward. Organizations often forget the task of coaching their team. It is important to coach the team on a regular basis for better performance. Remember that you have to coach them as individuals to get the best performance out of your team. As a leader, one of your important roles is to coach the people in the best way. Your team members will be able to make better decisions and solve the problems easily rather than holding them back.

Organizations should encourage team leaders to conduct formal training sessions. You can become an excellent coach, if you are armed yourself with some better techniques and practices. Organizations employee teams as they want to organize complex work. An effective team will bridge the gap between organization and individuals. Unfortunately, team won’t show the desired results and fail to live up to their promise. This is where team coaching is beneficial and helps the organization to – review their performance, boost the results, build rapport and enhance communication.

In this article, we are going to discuss about team dynamics and what ways to improve your team. With good team coaching, you will be able to take your team to the next level. The key purpose of this article is to bridge the gap between the team members through effective team coaching and team learning.

Significance of Team Coaching

Team coaching help people understand how to work in coordination with other people. It is an effective method to show team members how to improve working relationships by reducing conflicts. Team coaching helps the members to focus on the important tasks, and achieve their goals. Team coaching fosters good quality communication and ensures that the dialogue between the team members is emotional and intellectual.

The team leader should focus on the interpersonal skills rather than individual development. It is the responsibility of the team leader to see how the team members interact with their team members, how they respond to each other and so on. All these factors affect the team performance. In order to bring productive results, one should not only have a highly performing team, but also a good team that how the members are related to each other. If you lack a team with well-defined goals, then it is essential to build a team with solid foundation before you start coaching your team.

How to Start Team Coaching

In order to start team coaching, you should understand the dynamics of your team. You should be able to figure out how the tea members will relate to each other. Remember that every organization has different working and communication style, and when we come across a person with a style different from that of ours, we fail to recognize his unique strengths and qualities. This leads to unnecessary frustrations and conflicts in workplace.

Every team should have the knowledge to understand its dynamics. Behavior assessment is one of the key tools for improving the understanding of the team of its dynamics. This tool provides the team members a better understanding of their reactions at workplace. Moreover, they can think of ways to relate with their team members on a reliable and effective manner. If you want to help people understand them in a better way, you can make use of the 360-degree feedback. Remember that a leader will always bring the team members to discuss their profiles and help them find ways to work together.

With regular coaching, team members will start seeing each other differently, which helps them to change their behavior for better performance. Understanding the view of other members is the best way to improve relationships. However, there are some rules and guidelines that help you accomplish your goals.

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Establish the expectations

Developing a clear understanding and communication expectations is the main purpose of team coaching. These expectations help you build understanding, which help you to make sure that the individual preferences are not given much importance. Team charter is a one of the best ways to formalize the expectations. Team leaders and managers should outline a set of golden rules that every member is expected to follow. The best examples are – treating everyone with respect, talking to the person directly, defining the processes clearly and so on.

Reward and recognition system

People often have competitive values, which turns into a major obstacle towards the effectiveness and unity of the team. In order to promote team work, organizations should adopt reward system, especially for individual behavior. As a team leader, you role is to identify the places of competition and fix them for better results.

Encourage individual development

Remember that team members always need encouragement, and motivation to learn new skills. Each member has different level of readiness to accept the situation. Team leaders should behave sensitively towards these situations and find suitable resources to support the development goals of other members. Besides this, one should find ways to coach people in day-to-day situations. You should help the team members set individual goals, which should be followed up with unique training opportunities.


If you want to coach your team for better performance, you should make use of different approaches. The reason behind this is teams are comprised of different people and what works on one team and one person may not work on other team. You should build effective working relationships by understanding the need and preferences of each team. You should help the individuals understand their own styles and encourage others.

The task of improving the team performance is a lot more than the team process and may take time. One should always try to address the training, performance management, rewards and recognition in an effective manner. However, the end result is worth the process and will benefit the organization, if the communication and collaboration is improved. You should continue to coach the team, once the team completes their training. The reason is constant coaching improves the team performance, as both team and individual.

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