Business Intelligence and Its Advantages in Organizations

Business Intelligence


Business intelligence can be defined as the tools or the systems which plays great role in the planning and the strategic process of the organization. The company can collect, store, analyze all the corporate data through the business intelligence that is required in the decision making process. It can be considered as the data analysis process that helps in improving the business performance by guiding the corporate users and the end users with more concrete decisions.

Basic Concept

Business intelligence is a technology driven process, specially designed for the purpose of data analysis which can present information for the corporate executives, managers, and other end users for the decision making process. This software can extract essential raw data of an organization for enhancing the business and by providing some accurate decisions. It can also integrate the data throughout the enterprise and can provide the end users with the self analyzing capacity. The business intelligence software can provide with large number of analytics like the text and data mining, statistics and predictive analysis.

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