Building Rapport in Coaching for Better Relation

Building rapport in coaching


The term ‘Rapport’ describes the amount of warmth in any conversation. It is highly affected by how the participants feel. You will feel relaxed and stay calm, if you have rapport with the other person. You can come up with open mind, if you are comfortable with the other person.

Similarly, in coaching relationship, one should look for ways to build rapport in coaching. Remember that coaching is not counseling and therefore, one need not have to look much at the private life of coachee or become their best friend. As a coach, your aim should be to create a different level of rapport that helps the people to talk in an honest way about their performance.

In this article, we will look at ways to build a rapport with the people you are coaching. You can bring out the best out of your coaching relationships.

What is Rapport and how do you know that you achieved it?

Rapport in coaching is about being able to turn your way towards the client. You should be able to know how they are feeling and to achieve this; you should be on the same wavelength. You can consider that you have established rapport, when the coaching conversations flow and you may feel as if you are talking with a close friend. Your coachee will open up with you and talk beyond facts and information, when you have a great rapport. The coachee will readily discuss his emotions and feelings.

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