Boost the Productivity of Your Organization by Motivating Employees with the Situation- Behavior- Impact Feedback Tool

the situation - behavior - impact feedback tool


Nowadays, businesses strive to meet new standards in order to satisfy customers. For that reason, you conduct brainstorming sessions and frame new marketing plans. As a considerate business leader or manager, you encourage your team members to come up with new and viable ideas that aim towards business growth. At the end of the presentation, you call upon the team member who gave presentation and you offer him with your feedback regarding improvements, which he should do. However, you discovered some weeks later that he has not overcome his drawbacks. This has happen because you could not provide effective feedback and that left him in confusing state. By using the “Situational – Behavior- Impact” (SBI) feedback tool, you can help your employees to improve their performance through delivering effective feedbacks.

SBI Feedback Tool in Detail

The Center for Creative Leadership developed SBI feedback tool for providing effective feedback to staffs regarding their performance. This kind of tool uses simple structure

  • Situation
  • Behavior
  • Impact

As a business manager or owner, when you frame your feedback in this manner, your team members will understand clearly the message that you want to convey. When you sketch the impact of an employee’s behavior on others, you are providing him or her a chance for reflecting on actions and help the staff to think on what is required to be changed.

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