Blanchard’s ABCD Model to Build Trust

Trust as concept


Do you feel that your employees don’t trust you? Are you struggling hard to bring new changes? Your employees may like you, but you cannot be sure of getting the job done. Some organizations work effectively, whereas other cannot work or get the work done. If you are struggling to find answers to these questions, you have come to the right place.

In this article, we are going to discuss ABCD Model that helps you build trust and maintain a great relationship with your employees. You will get answers to all your questions after reading this article.

What is Trust?

‘Trust’ can be explained as a concept that defines whether if both the persons have common frame of reference. The lack of trust results in poor performance of the employees, as they will be thinking about their growth rather than the growth of the company. This leads to reduced profits, low efficiency and productivity. The reasons for lack of trust can be many, some of which are based on the perception of the behavior.

Trust is the key factor that helps people to work together, listen to what others say and build strong relationships. Self-perception is very important and one can do this by asking co-workers in workplace. The ability to build trust helps to define the competency in today’s competitive world.

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