Best Advice on Saying “Yes” to the Person, “No” to the Task

Yes to the Person No to the Task


It is often difficult for people to say ‘No’ to a person no matter how unreasonable the request may be. You will land up in situation where you find it hard to prioritize situations, if you almost never say ‘No’ to a person. You should say ‘Yes’, if you find the task to be manageable or it is within the scope of your work. But, if you have the habit of saying ‘yes’, no matter what your situation is, then it’s time to change it and do the way you like.

In this article, we will explain you ways to negotiate successfully, so that you can fulfill your needs without causing a conflict, when you have to say ‘No’.

When to say ‘Yes’ and when to say ‘No’

There are situations where you sometimes need to say yes and sometimes ‘No’. The main thing is how you understand when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘No’, and how you negotiate. The simple way to act is communicate both and forth and agree to a solution. There are a number of ways to arrive to an agreement. Some people have excellent negotiation skills that prevent them from landing up in difficult situations. Some people use hard negotiation tactics, and leave one party satisfied with the other party having no choice, except to agree.

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