Ben-Shahar’s Happiness Model and Its Explanation

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With the advent of new technologies, the lives of the individuals have become so busy that they have very little time for themselves. All the people remain busy in participating in the rat race of their lives. They are always found to search stones outside whereas they possess the gems at their own home. They remain busy working hard today with an expectation of a better tomorrow. The interesting fact is that you never know how your future can turn out to be. There is no guarantee that your life will bring happiness in the future. The happiness model of the Ben-Shahar can help people to look out from their busy schedule and find the actual meaning of their lives.

Basic Concept

Dr. Tal Ben-Shahar has introduced the happiness model better known as the ‘Hamburger model’. He has written various books in psychology and specializes in the ‘positive psychology’ section. The hamburger model includes the four quadrants such as Rat race, Hedonism, Nihilism and Happiness.

How the Happiness Model can be explained?

The happiness model can be explained with four different quadrants. Now let us discuss each of the quadrants to learn more about the model.

Nihilism: This falls under the left hand quadrant in the bottom of the happiness model. The people who follows nihilism has given up all hope of life and is not finding any meaning to life. They are unable to enjoy the present happiness and have also left the hope for their future. They have actually surrendered themselves to their fate. This concept can be often associated with extreme pessimism and skepticism. The nihilists will not have loyalties or any purpose to create a productive matter. They will only have corrosive effects with the will of destroying things. In the 20th century, the nihilistic themes can be explained as value destruction, cosmic purposelessness, epistemological failure etc. By the end of the century, nihilism can represent the antifoundationalism.

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