Becoming Assertive in Work Place Leads to Effective Teamwork



Many people become confused when they misunderstand assertiveness with being domineering and aggressive. Every person wants to feel empowered and acknowledged in her or his workplace. But, research states that many staffs feel subjugated and powerless. This happens because many of them cannot express themselves with confidence and clarity. This kind of situation gets worsened, when a person begins to climb up the corporate ladder and cannot find solutions to address the current situation. But, there are ways to overcome difficult situations. The best means to get your ideas and thoughts expressed in decent and positive manner is by practicing the art of being assertive.

What is Assertiveness?

See, what Dr. Randy Paterson, a clinical psychologist has to say about assertiveness. According to him, assertiveness is all about being present in relationship. In other words, assertiveness is a personality trait through which you can articulate your needs and wants to other people and you take care of their requirements too. Being assertive is totally different from being aggressive or passive.

Another psychotherapist Joyce Marter said that assertiveness comprises of advocating oneself in a manner, which is proactive and positive. She further said that assertiveness signifies being direct, clear and honest.

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