Avoiding Micromanagement- A Study

Avoiding Micromanagement- A Study


There have been instances when an employee has been assigned a task and his or her manager has continuously sent mails to learn about the progress of the project. This technique of managing the work of an employee is called micromanaging and this article deals with techniques to avoid micromanagement and being micromanaged. It is a study about proper team management by delegating work plus allowing an employee to execute the assignment at his or her own speed and quality.

An Idea of Micromanagement

Micromanagement is a style of management where a manager or team leader observes and controls the work of subordinates. In most cases, it is considered a negative aspect.

Micromanagers are people who go to extremes for attaining perfection. Though, they do not have any negative motive, they appear as massive controllers. They push their subordinates to attain success. As a result, micromanagers hamper the performance of their subordinates and the latter have to quit the company. They take away the confidence of team members and render them powerless to make any decisions on their own.

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