Apply Keller’s Brand Equity Model for Building Appealing Brand

Keller's brand equity model

Have you ever thought what makes brand appealing and strong? If you are planning to do that for your company, how are you going to achieve it? Many factors play dominant roles for strengthening core value of a brand. If you can understand these factors, it will be easy for you to launch new products or services in future. Keller’s Brand Equity Model will help you a lot for making future decisions related with branding.

Overview of Keller’s Brand Equity Model

Keller’s Brand Equity Model is also termed as Customer Based Brand Equity Model. A marketing professor of Tuck School of Business, Kevin Lane Keller developed this branding model.

The Concept

The idea behind Keller’s Brand Equity Model is simple. For building a strong brand, you need to visualize how your customers think and feel about your service or product.

The model demands you for building right kind of experiences for your brand. This will help customers in developing positive feelings, thoughts, opinions, perceptions and beliefs towards your brand.

The Effect of Developing Strong Brand

When you have built strong brand equity, you can expect your customers to buy more products or services from you. After they become satisfied from your offerings, they can recommend their close ones to purchase your products.

Therefore, these customers become loyal to you and you can stay ahead your competitors in long run by adding profits to your business.

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