AIDA: A Great Formula for Generating Leads

Sales Prospection


In any organization, advertisements are effective if the media audience accepts the message. The key objective of any advertisement is to grab the attention of the reader, so that he will look at and start reading it. Every day we see advertisements that are designed to grab the attention people. In this advertising media, there are different sorts of media such as websites, billboards, radio, TV etc that work extremely hard to get noticed. You should try hard to grab attention of audience not only in terms of advertising, but also in every report you write, every presentation, and every email you compose.

Though advertising across different domains is becoming competitive; the basic principle behind advertising remains the same, and must persuade someone to take action. The idea remains simply true due to the human tendency. People are becoming increasingly discerning, as a result of which you need to do something to grab the attention of people. You should look for ways to bring interest in your product or service and convince then to take the action you desire.

What is AIDA?

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