Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle – An Analysis

Adizes' Corporate Lifecycle - An Analysis


As companies grow, they go through life cycle procedure that is quite predictable. With every stage, the organization experiences more and more problems. Every stage in the lifecycle has a unique framework, strategy tools, objectives, level of delegation, procedure to operate and system of rewarding. The extent to which the leadership is capable to address the demands of each stage determines the success of the company. In this article, we will explore about Adizes' Corporate Lifecycle and how its different stages affect the organizational design.


The Corporate Lifecycle model was pioneered by Dr Ichak Adizes in his book, "Corporate Lifecycles,” which he wrote in 1990. The framework was updated in 2004 in the sequel to the first book "Managing Corporate Lifecycles." Adizes founded the Adizes Institute.


It is important that the business owner guides her company through its prime and avoids the problems that can lead to its decline. Adizes showed ten stages on the corporate lifecycle. They are as follows.

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