Activity Logs – An Important Time Management Tool

Activity Logs


Do you think it is possible for you to spend time at work much productively than you do now? How is it possible for you to determine this accurately when you haven’t used activity logs ever? Once you begin implementing it for time management, you will find that the number of hours at work magically increases. It is a great tool for anybody who is unable to maintain a schedule and wonders how the hours flew by. If your day just tends to slip by without much to show for your pains and this becomes a regular feature, it’s time to take some proactive measures. An Activity Log allows you to optimize the use of time at work by eliminating or minimizing the activities with a low value. This very not only you do much more productive work than before but also go home faster than you are used to now.

Activity Logs - The Importance of the Written Words

How are you spending hours at the office? An activity log will help you to keep track of this. Just maintain this for some days and it will help you to get the accurate picture regarding your schedule through the day as well as your time investment. Memory proves to be poor guide when it comes to maintaining the log and putting everything down on paper is nothing short of a revelation. What is the best time to tackle a certain project?

When are you most clearheaded and have a high energy level? If it is during the early hours of morning, it will be an ideal time to undertake the most crucial projects and complete them successfully. Your e-mails and phone calls can easily wait until the afternoon or at least late mornings. How does your energy cycle remains throughout the day? Every individual is different; so some are, the morning persons, others the night owls, and still others get their sails up in mid-afternoon. To whichever group you belong it is important to identify your natural cycle and use it to the advantage.

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