A Successful Guide to SEO and Its Applications



Search engine optimization is a smart process of obtaining traffic from the natural or organic results of the search engine. It is the practice which helps in improving a website and can add to the number of visitors coming into the site through the search engines.

Basic Concept

The SEO activities are not only helpful for increasing the rank in the search engine results page but it also involves making the site more user-friendly. Starting from the stage of finding the suitable keywords to building links all the activities can be involved under the SEO. To work properly you are required to understand how the search engines generally functions. The search engines at first crawl the web to observe what is there. The spider or the crawler software can do the work successfully. The spiders keep on following the links one by one and index the pages which come by their way. After the page gets totally crawled, the next step is the indexing. This process is mainly involved with the content of your page. If you can optimize your site well, the spiders will find it easy to obtain the meaning from your site and the indexing process will get faster. After the indexing function is over, the process of calculating the relevancy starts. When the results are retrieved in the pages, then the websites get the ranks from the top to bottom starting from the most relevant to the least relevant sites.

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