10 Common Mistakes Leaders and Managers Commit

10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes


Leadership and management skills are important for running a business successfully. Lots of studies have been made in relation to leadership and management skills, but the fact is that not much of it has been used in practical life. This is because several new entrepreneurs do not realize that a business can run smoothly with overall team efforts. At some point or the other, it turns out to be just impossible for a person to handle the entire business single-handedly. It has been observed that when new entrepreneurs get to a stage having the authority to recruit employees, often commit some common management and leadership mistakes.

Common Leadership and Management Mistakes

Trying to avoid the following common leadership and management mistakes can help you to run an organization effectively:

1. Giving No Feedback

Feedback is one of the most important aspects that every leader should give to his/her team members. It has often been observed that employees who do not get regular feedback from their seniors continue the same without an inch of improvement in their performance. Remember, if you are waiting for the right time to deliver feedback then you are hampering your business as well as overall teamwork. So, try to sit with your teammates once a week and let them know where or what they lack. This is really going to work.

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