Online Team Management Coaching

Sometimes, with the creation of new team, the team manager has to start everything from the beginning. He or she has to help the team develop its talent through coaching, managing it wisely in critical times and allocating the right task to the right team member. With the right team management skills, you can recruit right candidates, motivate team members, appraise their performance and reward them, enhance their productivity and improve relationship among team members. One of big responsibilities of a team manager is to identify the potential leaders and sharpen their skills. All these activities of a team manager fall under the team management category.


Coaching to explore beliefs and motives to know what drives people

Coaching to Explore Beliefs and Motives to Know What Drives People

Coaching plays a very important role in creating positive environment and helps people to develop self-awareness.

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Coaching to develop self-awareness

Coaching to Develop Self-Awareness for a Fulfilling Life

Self-awareness can be said as foundation of growth and

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fish change concept

Coaching the Employees through Strategic Change

Today’s world is changing with a fast pace and, due to this; it became important for organizations to change their

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Coach giving instructions to his class of young soccer players

Coaching for Team Performance to Increase Productivity

Teams can be said as the means by which organizations move forward. Organizations often forget the task of coaching their

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Coaching for talent development

Coaching for Talent Development and Better Performance

Organizations often face situations, where they are forced to achieve better results with fewer resources.

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Building rapport in coaching

Building Rapport in Coaching for Better Relation

The term ‘Rapport’ describes the amount of warmth in any

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Informal coaching for managers

Informal Coaching for Managers for Effective Team Management

Coaching is one of the important activities in any organization and should be conducted on a regular basis.

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Going through the details

High Performance Coaching to Achieve Full Potential

The term ‘coaching’ was restricted to sports and athletes in olden days.

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Solution focused coaching

Solution Focused Coaching for Effective Results

These days, managers and employers look for ways to increase enjoyment in work and lessen their problems. As a result

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The PRACTICE Model of Coaching – 7 Steps to Problem Solving

The PRACTICE Model of Coaching – 7 Steps to Problem Solving

Is there any road where you do not encounter a single problem? The path to success consists of many challenges,

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Workplace Coaching- A Thorough Analysis

Workplace Coaching – A Thorough Analysis

Coaching is an exercise practiced at workplace by managers to improve the performance of their team members and ensure enhanced

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The SkillWill Matrix- A Thorough Study

The Skill/Will Matrix- A Thorough Study

Coaches come across different types of team members while mentoring. While some have experience and are highly motivated, others are

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The POSITIVE Model of Coaching – An 8-step Outline to Motivate Goal Accomplishment

The POSITIVE Model of Coaching – An 8-step Framework to Motivate Goal Accomplishment

One of the crucial responsibilities of a leadership position is to derive full commitment from the followers to fulfill goals.

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Business man hand drawing  graph

The Grow Model – A Unique Technique to Train Team Members

For a team leader, nothing is of greater importance than the success of his team members. If you are a

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Crisis management

Dealing With Conflicts of Interest

How to Deal with Conflict of Interest – A Comprehensive Study

There are people who deliver their time for “non-profit organizations” as board

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Crisis planning

Crisis Planning Helps to Run Business in Safe Condition

Uncertain incidents can have devastating effect on any

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Success and achievement business concept

Contingency Planning Maintains Operational Excellence of Your Business

Most of the time, you relate situations like spreading of fire, occurrence of storms, or floods with contingency

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Don't Give Up

Learn How to Lead Successfully in Hard Times

There is no doubt that we are living in a highly competitive marketplace where everything around us is on the

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Can you sort that out?

How to Solve Issues of the Delegation Dilemma for Attaining Best Business Growth

Nowadays, companies are vying to grab maximum market in order to survive.

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Architect team discussing on blueprints

Task Allocation – The Right Process

If you observe any sport carefully, you will find that the team leader or the captain spends a lot time

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Businessman Working At Workplace

Reducing Dependency on Managers – A Study

Managers often find themselves helping out their team members. It is natural for them to do so. However, in the

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Avoiding Micromanagement- A Study

Avoiding Micromanagement- A Study

There have been instances when an employee has been assigned a task and his or her manager has continuously sent

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To a job well done!

Delegation and Team Management – A Thorough Study

If an employee in a company is good at his or her work, the work pressure of that professional will

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Develop new leaders

Building Tomorrow's Leaders

How to Build Leaders for Tomorrow?

Today, most of dynamic organizations are conscious about advanced workforce that will carry their legacy

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The Leadership Pipeline Model – A 6-step Framework to Build Leaders at Every Level

The Leadership Pipeline Model – A 6-step Framework to Build Leaders at Every Level

Most of the organizations spend time searching for talented and skilled professionals to lead their team. They give preference to

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Motivate word dictionary definition

Team Specific Motivation to Discover the Biggest Motivators of Team

Each person in the team is unique and therefore, it is must to motivate each and every team member to

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Expectancy Theory – A Detailed Study

Expectancy Theory – A Detailed Study

An employee works hard to achieve success and a manager should identify the expectation of an outcome in the employee.

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Alderfer's ERG Theory

Alderfer’s ERG Theory – A Study

The requirements of people vary with their circumstances. A person who has not eaten for days wants food, while a

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Sirota's Three Factor strategy

Understanding Sirota’s Three factor Theory

Dr. David Sirota, an organization research expert and consultant, after worldwide surveys of millions of workers formed his ‘three factor

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Positivity Concept

Motivation- Best Tool to Succeed

Motivation is always an easy proverb and a difficult task to perform, one may say oodles about motivation, but may

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McClelland's human motivation theory

McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory – An Analysis

David McClelland in his book ‘The Achieving Society’ published in 1961 tried to identify the motivational factors behind every individual

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Herzberg's Motivators and Hygiene factors

Fredrick Herzberg’s Motivators and Hygiene Factors

Fredrick Herzberg, an American psychologist became famous as a management thinker. His ‘Two Factor Theory’ tries to establish the fact

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Handy's Motivation Theory – A Study

Handy’s Motivation Theory – A Study

Leaders might have faced situations where in spite of assigning a suitable task to a team member, the excitement of

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Broaden and Build Theory – An Elaborate Study

If an employee goes to her office with a low mood, there are high chances that she had a tough

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Types of Motivation for Inspiring Your Workforce

Types of Motivation for Inspiring Your Workforce

Are you really proud of your extremely talented workforce? But, how much sure are you that your all of your

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Theory X and Theory Y – Emphasizing Employee Motivation and Management

Theory X and Theory Y – Emphasizing Employee Motivation and Management

Some people are workaholic because they love to work and derive immense satisfaction from it. On the flip side, there

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Business Union

The Three Component Model of Commitment – Testing Job Satisfaction, Job Involvement and Professional Commitment

The psychological attachment of an individual to an organization, in terms of industrial plus organizational psychology and organizational behavior is

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Small Steps

Amabile and Kramer’s Progress Theory- An Elaborate Study

A team leader uses many interesting techniques to inspire and motivate her team. She uses incentives to keep them focused,

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Rallying the Troops - Organization Chart

Pygmalion Motivation – A Study

The attitude of a manager influences the performance level of a subordinate. The expectations of the manager from his or

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New leaders and how to become a leader

level 5 leadership

Implementing Level 5 Leadership Can Boost Business Performance

You may have come across various corporate leaders in your work

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Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

Leading Equals – Lead Peers by Managing Relationships

Leading Equals is the ability to manage and motivate diverse range of employees effectively without

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10 Common Leadership and Management Mistakes

10 Common Mistakes Leaders and Managers Commit

Leadership and management skills are important for running a business

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Servant leadership

Incorporating Servant Leadership Raises Overall Productivity of Organization

The term servant leadership is nothing new. But, still, its importance is not felt by many small-scale and medium-scale

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Lead By Example concrete wall

What a True Leader Means in Real Terms?

Life connects you with many relationships in different stages – your parent, teacher and boss perhaps – who had changed

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Responsibilities of New Leadership – A Study

Responsibilities of New Leadership – A Study

When an employee becomes a leader, his or her responsibilities change. He or she has to make sure that the

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Leader and his team

Changing Relationships in Leaderships – A Study

When an employee becomes a boss, there is apparently no notable change in the office

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Performance Management

One to Watch Marked Person in Organizational Chart

Dealing with Poor Performance

If you find an employee performing less than you are expecting from him or her, you should look out for

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Performance Appraisals

Performance Appraisals Drive Organization towards Profitability

Nobody knows, when and how businesses adopt new standards. In this cut- throat world of competition, it is required that

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Performance Management

Performance Agreements Help In Meeting Organizational Goals

Many times, it happens that an employee is not able to perform up to the desired expectation. HR personnel or

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3d person with a magnifying glass and KPI

Key Performance Indicators: Measuring Performance

Employee performance is one of the key matters in the success of a company. Employees are constantly asked to work

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Teamwork business process workers unity turning gear

Management by Objectives- A Detailed Study

It is important that all employees in an organization are aware of the mission and the strategies of the company.

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Exit Interviews – Categories and Importance

Exit Interviews – Categories and Importance

Employees are among the most integral stakeholders of a company. If you want your organization to be a dream company,

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Writing a Job Description – Importance and How to do it Effectively

Writing a Job Description – Importance and How to Do It Effectively

An eloquent and well-written job description makes one comprehend properly what the company expects from him or her. It offers

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Recruitment Concept - Qualified Candidate

Effective Recruitment – A Comprehensive Study

Picking the best one from a large pool of talented aspirants is one challenging

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Aptitude testing

Hire Right Candidates with Aptitude Testing for Attaining Business Growth

Someone who is not fit to adjust with company’s culture or does not have the desired skills for holding a

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Group of business colleagues working on paperwork in the office

Engaging New Recruits can Result in Enhanced Business Productivity

It is nice to learn that you have spent quiet a huge amount of time for recruiting right people for

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Handshake over the digital screen with charts and graphs

Successful Induction Boosts Organization’s Productivity

Recruiting right work force is a time consuming affair. When recruiters finish the recruitment process, their job is not yet

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Recruitment word cloud

How Success Profiling Helps in Business Growth?

Have you heard of the term success profile? This tool is used for selecting candidates for an organization. How your

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Off To the Right Start- Why It Is Important?

The success and the prosperity of any organization are determined by the work efficiency of its employees. More skilled and

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Organization Culture

Understanding Workplace Values can Boost Business Performance

Nowadays, organization is working hard to stay ahead of competition and aspire of generating the desired customer satisfaction that helps

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Successful Handover

Ensuring a Successful Transition in Your Business

A handover or a transition is a process where you can mentor your successors to gain their position.

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Questions to ask while hiring people

What Questions Are To Be Asked While Hiring People?

The normal procedure of recruiting people for an organization is through interviews. Through questions asked during these interviews an interviewer

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When to create a new role

Identifying New Roles in an Organizational Set Up

Hiring is a calculative process and cannot be done through an impulsive decision. Adding to work force has several facets

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Using Recruitment Tests

Learn the Importance of Using Recruitment Tests

Currently, the competition among businesses is rising. So, you need to maintain a workforce that can smartly cater to demands

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The Peter Principle

Discussing The Peter Principle and Techniques to Prevent It

There have been circumstances, when the knowledge of an employee at an administrative level has failed to impress his or

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Rewarding people

Creating an Energizing Work Environment - An Analysis

Creating an Energizing Work Environment

Employees feel motivated to work, if they like the work they are doing and the atmosphere in which they are

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Helping hand

Can You Help Your People Find Purpose in Their Work?

When a team member tends to lose interest in her work, her team leader should inspire her to find interest

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Project discussion

Helping People Take Responsibility – A Study

When a team has escapist members, it becomes difficult for the manager to control that

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At lecture

Rewarding Your Team – An Analysis

When a team member does something that brings success to her team, her manager rewards her with informal gifts such

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good work stamp

Re-Engaging Team Members – An Analysis

When a new manager asks some of her employees about the norms and policies of the company, she might come

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clapping in a meeting

The Psychological Contract – A Study

There are always some expectations and rules that act between an employee and her company. These expectations and rules are

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Job Enrichment – An Analysis

Good managers want to offer interesting jobs to others. They can do this by motivating them to perform well. Employees

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Job Embeddedness - A Study

Job Embeddedness – A Study

An employee stays in a job because of many reasons. A professional may have many friends in her company or

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Retaining Valued Team Members- An Elaborate Study

Retaining Valued Team Members – An Elaborate Study

Every company has some team members they would not like to leave. These team members are experienced and have been

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Employee benefits definition highlighted in green

Motivation without Bonuses – A Study

Recession has brought in vogue many new words and phrases in the day to day world of workplace activities. Some

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Managing High Achievers

Managing High Achievers – A Study

There are many employees in companies who are eager for responsibility and the team leader can also depend on them

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Large group of people in letter Z form

Theory Z – Features and Limitations

Around 1970s and ‘80s, Japan had emerged as one of the most successful countries in the world.

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Understanding strategic compensation

Understanding Strategic Compensation

Employee compensation is a strategic issue for any organization. A compensation plan not only is an indicator of pay packets

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Motivation Concept

Adams’ Equity Theory – A Discreet Scrutiny

Employees of a company strive to maintain this equity by putting in inputs and receiving outputs and compare them with

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Hackman and Oldham’s Job Characteristics – Increasing Job Satisfaction and Employee Motivation

Are you anxious to observe the average performance of your employees? There can be several

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Team development

Training Crossword Puzzle

Active Training Sessions to Introduce Team Learning

Training programs in organizations are often boring and end up with unproductive results. However, there are a number of organizations

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Set of business people silhouettes in meetings

Cross Training to Create Flexible Working Environment

If you are running a business, then you should be aware that every team member needs to be trained to

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Instructor-led training

Instructor-led Training to Create Effective Learning Experience

Organizations often face the situation where they need to create training programs for the

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How to help your people develop emotional intelligence

How to Help Your People Develop Emotional Intelligence

When it comes to workplace, emotional intelligence plays a very important

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Laughing  businesspeople talking in the office

How to Build a Positive Team That Is Happy and Engaged

Organizations need to create a positive work environment, to bring the best out of their employees. Employees will become motivated

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Helping with their retirement budget

Handling People’s Retirement to Transfer Your Knowledge Effectively

Retirement can be said as one of the important events in life that every person will be eagerly looking for.

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Succession Planning to transform knowledge and skills

Succession Planning to Transform Knowledge and Skills

Succession planning is a means by which the organizations ensure that employees are recruited in such a way that they

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On-the-job training  for business expansion and development

On-The-Job Training for Business Expansion and Development

Employees are usually trained at a different place from where they work. The traditional approach puts wall between what the

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Conducting training

Training Needs Assessment – To know if the Team is Properly Trained

Organizations often look for ways to learn about the training needs of their

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Developmental Needs – A Thorough Analysis

Developmental Needs – A Thorough Analysis

Training is a tool used to improve the performance of an employee when he or she joins a company or

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Choosing the right person for hiring in magnifying glass

The Nine-Box Grid for Talent Management- A Study

A leader comes across a wide range of people in her team. If some team members are excellent, others could

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Talent Management – A Study about Its Features

Talent Management – A Study about Its Features

Companies attach a lot of importance to the recruitment of talented people. Talented people make a positive difference to a

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Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire

Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model- A Study

When a trainer imparts knowledge to his or her subordinates, it is essential that he or she knows how effective

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Heron’s Six Categories of Intervention- A Study

Most people come across situations at their workplaces where they have to support others with their expertise or

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Team effectiveness

Finding solutions in a meeting

Increase Productivity of Your Team Members during Holidays

Holiday season is one of the happiest times of the

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Technology makes meetings more effective and engaging

DILO to Improve the Effectiveness of Team Work

Are you concerned about the effective use of the team time or organizational

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Friends and colleagues

How to Create a Healthy Workplace?

A favorable working environment can bring the best productivity from the employees of any organization.

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The pyramid of success

Building an Effective Team for Productivity

Have you ever thought of the factors that make the team

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Building Confidence in Other People

Why Building Confidence in Other People is Important?

There is no doubt that lack of confidence is one of the most destructive things that can restrain the growth

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Clock, files and pen on a market report

Accounting For Time Raises Productivity and Ensures Business Growth

Time is a precious resource, and utilizing time in right direction helps in business

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closeup of a blank employment survey with red pen

Integrate Employee Satisfaction Survey Tools into Your Business

It is very important for the organizations to keep their employees happy and content, so that they can maintain a

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four dimensions of relational work

Four Dimensions of Relational Work for Improving Teams

Most of the executives in an organization assume that the people whom they know are team players who know everything

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Managing in a matrix organization

Managing in a Matrix Organization can Boost Business Performance

Nowadays, competition among businesses is soaring and companies are working hard to satisfy customers in every possible

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New ideas

Role of Team Briefings in Sharing the Organizational Information

In this world of technology, we have a number of communication options such as – phone calls, emails, and text

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Why the rules are there

What is the Need of Implementing Rules in Workplaces?

Every company has its own set of rules, which staff needs to abide by. It has been observed that adults

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business, technology and networking concept

How to Assess and Evaluate Team Effectiveness?

It is likely that most of the tasks performed in any organization handled by effective teams.

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The Five Dysfunctions of a Team – A Close Look

It is team effort that determines organizational success. As a leader, you bear the responsibility of making sure that each

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GRPI Model – A Detailed Analysis

GRPI Model – A Detailed Analysis

GRPI model was originally a topic in social science and later included in Six Sigma's CAP (change acceleration

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concept of teamwork, people and icons

Birkinshaw’s Four Dimensions of Management – An Analysis

Companies always follow certain management models according to which objectives are defined, efforts motivated, activities coordinated and resources

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Team-building and dynamics

Group of Multi Ethnic Corporate People having a Business Meeting

Forming, Storming, Norming and Performing: Group dynamics of Tuckman

Bruce W. Tuckman, a psychologist and teacher devised a model for group development in

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Diverse People in Meeting With Speech Bubbles

Team-Building Exercises – Communication – An Analysis

Communication is a core factor behind the success of a team. Poor communication leads to many team problems. Lack of

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People Holding Hands and Teamwork Concepts

Team-Building Exercises – A Detailed Study

Team-building exercises act as weekend retreats at golf courts or restaurants. Such retreats, from the usual monotony of work are

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Diverse People Holding Hands Trust Concept

Building Trust inside Your Team – An Analysis

Managing a team in which team members do not trust each other is a challenging and difficult

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Joyful brainstorming

Improving Group Dynamics – How to Do It?

When a group is made of the brightest people in the world, the manager hopes that about the performance of

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Businesswoman Addressing Meeting Around Boardroom Table

Gaining the Trust of Your New Team

A new team leader finds it difficult to become a part of her

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Managing Emotion in a Team – An Analysis

There are times when some team members are very frustrated and complain to everyone about the work pressure they

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Helping People Flourish at Work - A Study

Helping People Flourish at Work – A Study

There are times when team members are not motivated to work. They are either absent for a long time or

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International  business team

Team Charters – A Study in Detail

Working in teams is a great experience and fun. However, the experience can become sour if team members try to

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Leader-Member exchange theory

Understanding the Leader-member Exchange Theory

Leader-member exchange theory propounded by Graen, Haga, and Dansereau in 1975 tries to explain a dyadic relationship between leader and

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JD-R model

The JD-R Model – An Analysis

Job demands – resources (JD-R) model developed by Arnold Bakker and Evangelia Demerouti explores occupational stress and ways of dealing

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Cog's Ladder

Understanding Cog’s Ladder

In a company newsletter of 1972, George Charrier, an employee of Procter & Gamble published ‘Cog’s Ladder – A model

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The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile- A Detailed Study

The Margerison-McCann Team Management Profile – A Detailed Study

Every team is built with the hope of meeting a goal. However, there have been times when teams with the

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Benne and Sheats' Group Roles

Benne and Sheats’ Group Roles- A Detailed Study

Teams comprise of many people. While some teams are successful in executing their work, others are not. The success of

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Know your role handwritten on blackboard

Belbin’s Team Roles- A Detailed Study

A successful team has two features. The first one is that each and every team member has distinct roles and

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It is essential for a manager to know his team members and realize what drives his or her team. Planning actions in advance guides a team manager in the process of leading the team efficiently in times of crisis. With this planning, he or she can improve the operational capability of the team. Proper task delegation indicates a manager’s trust on the team members. Managers have to find out how to develop new leaders and motivate every team member to perform. Team management coaching is one of the crucial duties of managers.

If you want to assess how far you are from organizational goals, you can opt for performance appraisal of your team members. By rewarding efficient resources, you can ensure lower attrition rates.

Effective recruitment is one of the key factors behind successful team control. To achieve this goal, the manager has to clearly specify the job description.

Understanding Team Management in Details

Tools4management helps you become an effective team manager by introducing you to the following tools.

# A manager can improve his team’s performance by coaching them. The 8-Step Framework of goal accomplishment or the POSITIVE Model shows team members the

  • purpose of the project
  • enhances their observation power
  • teaches them smart strategies
  • offers insight, instills team spirit
  • motivates them to initiate work
  • allows them to understand value and
  • encourages them to perform.

# As far as crisis management is concerned, team managers have to maintain contingency to ensure gentle flow of work process when there is lack of suppliers, resource, etc.

# The Leadership Pipeline Model helps existing managers to craft a step-by-step procedure for the future leaders of the organization. The article on Tools4management is a wonderful example of team management coaching.

# The Expectancy Theory and McClelland’s Human Motivation Theory helps a manager in realizing what motivates his team members.

# Articles on exit interviews, successful induction and Peter Principle mentor managers to lead their teams effectively.

# Theory Z and Adam’s Equity Theory are important to analyze the significance of rewarding people and retaining valuable resource.

# Through Kirkpatrick’s Four-Level Training Evaluation Model and Heron’s Six Categories of Intervention, a manager can make sure that his team develops. He can improve the efficiency of the team by GRPI Model and Birkinshaw’s Four Dimensions of Management.

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