Stress Management Training Online

Nowadays it is almost impossible to avoid the stress caused by long working hours or tight deadlines. Stress at workplace not only reduces one’s motivation to perform better, but it also affects productivity of an employee. It is quite natural that importance of stress management strategies and techniques is increasing as these enable one to cope up with new challenges at workplace.

Coping strategies

businesswoman using tablet at airport

How to Survive the Effects of Business Travel?

Staring at waiting list, cramped hotel rooms and the confusion about how much the body scanner at the airport will

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Dealing with Anxiety

How to Deal with Anxiety at Work

Anxiety disorder is such kind of a disease that can draw the finishing line of one’s professional career, if not

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Enjoy Your Commute - A Study

How to Enjoy Your Commute

Travelling to office everyday may be a time consuming

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Stressed Businessman Working At Computer In Modern Office

Minimizing Work Space Stress Enhances Business Profitability

Every person likes to work in a renovated office

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businessman reading documents

How to Survive a Stressful Job?

A lot of people today have become the victims of stress and anxiety. Unfortunately, the most common reason behind this

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Woman mountain Hiker

How You should Get Ready for a Real Vacation?

Can you remember when you took a vacation last time? Taking leave from the work to go out for vacation

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Working in an Emotionally Demanding Role - An Analysis

Working in an Emotionally Demanding Role – An Analysis

Sometimes, employees work hard, but have to cope with emotional demands. For instance, the employee has to maintain certain behavioral

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Working Late

Top 5 Measures for Surviving Long Work Hours

Have you thought how many hours you work throughout the entire week at your office? Are you spending extended working

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Business Acronym FEAR

Fear of Success – An Analysis

Every employee yearns for recognition. However, there are many who take a step back when they are given the opportunity

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coping with change

Coping with Change Brings Favorable Opportunities for Business Growth

You can experience change everywhere. Change can take in your personal, social or work life. At work places, such phenomenon

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Carefree Senior man

Toffler’s Stability Zones – An Analysis

We often feel that everything at work has changed. There are times when an employee feels that she has to

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The PERMA Model - A Study

The PERMA Model – A Study

Everyone wants to be happy. Happiness makes people productive and good at relationships with everyone around

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The Life Career Rainbow - A Study

The Life Career Rainbow – A Study

People move through different stages in their life and also in their career. Demands at work vary with time just

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Subjective Well-Being

Subjective Well-Being and the Formula of Happiness

Philosophers are continuously doing a research of the well-being. It is for the recent years, that the psychologists are also

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Mindfulness and Its Advantages

Mindfulness is the state of mind where you can monitor your thoughts and feelings from a distance without judging the

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Top 10 ways to Turn Your Bad Day into a Better Day

Top 10 ways to Turn Your Bad Day into a Better Day

Every day does not turn out to be how you want exactly. Some days are really enjoyable and satisfactory while

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Confident Businesswoman Sitting Arms Crossed At Desk

Ben-Shahar’s Happiness Model and Its Explanation

With the advent of new technologies, the lives of the individuals have become so busy that they have very little

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Perception-based strategies


Cognitive Restructuring Helps in Making Positive Business Decisions

Your boss has asked you to prepare a sales report that covers past six months’

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How to Analyse if You have Stress

Stress at Work – What are the Symptoms and How to Overcome?

Numerous employees experience stress at their workplace. This can be owing to much pressure at work or rapid shift in

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Delving Deeper into ‘Perfectionism’

Do you regard yourself to be a perfectionist? Or have you been given the name of a perfectionist ever? No

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expression -  Failure teaches success - written on a school blac

Know How to Overcome Fear of Failure

Are you influenced by fear of failing to do something that you have never desired? Or do you feel driven

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Imagery-A Study

Imagery – A Study

Imagine a situation that an employee in an organization is scheduled to give a presentation to her team members, but

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3D Focus Positive Crossword

Thought Awareness, Rational Thinking and Positive Thinking -An Analysis

It has been noticed several times that the way a person thinks about a situation results from her perception of

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Positive attitude concept in tag cloud

Using Affirmations-A Detailed Analysis

People are often overcome by negative ideas which lead to lack of confidence. Fear of underperformance, stage fright, inability to

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The ABC Technique – An Analysis

There are times when an employee works very hard and delivers her assignment to her superior in hope of getting

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Sleep and relaxation

6 Physical Relaxation Techniques to Alleviate Stress

6 Physical Relaxation Techniques to Alleviate Stress

No matter how much you love to immerse yourself in work, you need to take out some time for relaxation

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Rest, Relaxation and Sleep – 3 Essentials for Healthy Mind and Body

Rest, Relaxation and Sleep – 3 Essentials for Healthy Mind and Body

We live in a time when almost everyone is striving to survive the cut-throat competition in the industry they are

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Hard Day

10 Best Tips to Relax After a Hard Day

There is no doubt that we are living at a technically advanced and economically stricken phase of time.

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She's habitually healthy

How can You Benefit from Regular Exercise?

Regular exercise is good for health – there is hardly anyone who is not aware of this fact, but very

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Dos and Don’ts for a Good Night Sleep

Dos and Don’ts for a Good Night Sleep

A good night sleep improves memory, gifts a happy mental state and promotes cell rejuvenation – there are many more

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What is Stress

Stress-A Detailed Study

Stress – A Detailed Study

Extensive research has been conducted about stress over the last century. While some of the theories are still under debate,

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Why stress management is important

Only thorough proper use of stress management tools, one becomes able to contribute more to the organizational success, while meeting own career goals as well. Use of stress management techniques are also effective to enhance one’s leadership abilities i.e. the persons who are less prone to stress can develop and work in team more efficiently by motivating  others. Apart from this, Managing stress is not only important for doing excel in professional life; it is helpful for maintaining work-life balance.

How to manage stress at workplace:

One should have sound time management and decision making skills for fulfilling all the responsibilities at workplace without being stressed. It is also observed that only changing the mindset is not effective for reducing stress, leading a healthy life is also equally important for the purpose.

How a course can be helpful:

As abilities of all employees are not same in an organization, the stress levels are also different.     Although high pressure is one of the main reasons for being stressed, personality of an employee also impacts the stress level significantly. It is observed that the people, who adjust with any situation, feel less stressed. It indicates that one can control stress easily by acting as per situation with stress management techniques.

Although some people inherit excellent stress management skills, most of us require external support for managing stress. However, those who do not have in-born qualities of managing stress, can go for pursuing any course to learn the techniques for managing stress. Taking admission into a regular course is not necessary for managing stress, one can pursue stress management course online also in order to develop the required skills.

Although several courses are available for controlling stress, Tools4management can be a great partner for learning how to manage it. The online course offered by Tools4management gives you some unique techniques to reduce the stress level.

# The stress level reduces significantly if an employee takes every situation even the unwanted ones at workplace sportingly. The skill of remaining optimistic at every situation can be learnt by ABC technique. Use of this technique enables an employee to take decision using own beliefs at stressful   situation by analyzing adverse effects of an event.

# Stress can be reduced by following ‘Toffler’s Stability Zones’ theory. As per this theory, a person needs to identify some ‘zones’ for being relaxed. This theory also indicates that simple activities such as drinking a cup of coffee also help to reduce stress. The life career rainbow model of Donald Super also suggests that one can reduce stress by balancing eight roles of life.

# PERMA model identifies that people can reduce stress using five components such as –positive emotion, engagement, positive relationships, meaning and accomplishment while the Ben-sahar’s happiness model   focuses on enhancing happiness to reduce stress.

# Meditation is another effective way to keep one relaxed. Stress can be reduced by including mediation and exercises in daily life. The stress management tools such as going to vacations of spending time with family also refreshes people.

The above stated techniques are not difficult to learn. You just need to do stress management training online in order to make your life better.