Online Strategy Tools

A business cannot be successful without effective strategies. These strategies related to product  development or market penetration focuses on meeting both long term as well as short term goals  of an organisation. Although several online strategy tools are available, in-depth knowledge on the  strategy making tools and techniques are also required for taking the business decisions as these  are vital for financial benefits as well as reputation of an organisation.

Competitive advantage

Competitive Intelligence - A Detailed Analysis

Competitive Intelligence – A Detailed Analysis

Businesses of all kinds have competitors vying for their

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Kay's Distinctive Capabilities Framework - A Study

Kay’s Distinctive Capabilities Framework – A Study

An organization can become successful because of many reasons.

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USP Analysis - A Detailed Study

USP Analysis – A Detailed Study

Business trainers have always stressed the presence of USP or Unique Selling Process. USP is the element that a professional

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The Technology Life Cycle - A Study

The Technology Life Cycle – A Study

All products have a life cycle. But, technological products seem to grow, mature and wither at a faster speed than

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The Value Net Model - An Analysis

The Value Net Model – An Analysis

A business owner should involve herself in competitive analysis of her company. In this article, we will discuss about strategy

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Porter's Four Corners Model – A Thorough Explanation

Porter’s Four Corners Model – A Thorough Explanation

There are a number of factors that shape the strategy of any organization. Organizations do not exist in vacuum and

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Core Competence Analysis – Gaining Competitive Advantage

Core Competence Analysis – Gaining Competitive Advantage

The core competencies of a company may comprise of mechanics, micro-electronics, and fine

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VRIO Analysis – Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organisation

VRIO Analysis – Value, Rarity, Imitability and Organization

It is often important for organizations to know about the market position from time to time. Organizations should always look

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Weisbord's Six-Box Model

Learning about Weisbord’s Six-Box Model

Many business owners have the question that whether their organization is well designed or not? Does it operate in an

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Golden Chess and board

Ohmae’s 3C Model – An Analysis

Business strategy has been around for years. It can be said as the art of thinking and winning in the

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McKinsey’s Three Horizons of Growth – An Analysis

Companies often face decline in their growth as they grow old. To achieve consistent levels of growth, it is essential

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Understanding Kotler and Keller’s Five Product Levels

Organisations need to develop new products and services on a regular basis to stay up-to-date with the changing needs of

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ADL Matrix

ADL Matrix – Plan your Business Strategy

When the competitive position of business changes or when the industry move towards next stage, it becomes crucial for business

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Core strategy tools

Blue Cube Steps Success 3D Render

The Business Model Canvas – An Analysis

A manager should be aware of the business model of her company. She should understand it and realize its importance.

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Strategy – Discussing Its Different Definitions and 3 Strategic Levels

Strategy – Discussing Its Different Definitions and 3 Strategic Levels

Strategy can be defined as the direction of an organization over long-term planning to meet the needs of market.

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Critical Success Factors – Identifying the Factors that Contribute to Success

Critical Success Factors or CSFs can be referred to as a tool used by organizations to achieve their objectives. Critical

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angelfish in difference way

The TOWS Matrix – Develop Strategic Options from Internal and External Analysis

Today, most of the businesses engage in strategic planning. The degree of formality and sophistication vary considerably.

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SWOT Analysis

SWOT Analysis – A Detailed Study

To understand the future prospects of a business, it is necessary to implement strategy tools that can analyze the internal

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Five pointed star with shadow, red color

Porter’s Five Forces Analysis – A Detailed Study

Porter’s Five Force Analysis is a framework that can be used to analyze the level of competition within the

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Porter's Diamond – Determining Factors of Advantage

Porter’s Diamond – Determining Factors of Advantage

In the recent years, several corporate strategies have been seen in the global context. A company has to look at

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Word Cloud Business Transformation

PEST Analysis – Definition, Major Elements and Example

A business leader needs to know how change in the business environment can create or develop significant opportunities for his

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Hambrick and Fredrickson's Strategy Diamond - An Analysis  (Dans comments)

Hambrick and Fredrickson’s Strategy Diamond – An Analysis

Strategy is one of the most used and misused terms in business. Formulating a good strategy is the process of

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A Close Look at Lafley and Martin’s Five-Step Strategy Model

Companies often compete with other companies to survive and succeed. Strategy is required when there is huge

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility-A Study

Corporate Social Responsibility – A Detailed Study

In the twenty first century, companies have more responsibility than to merely earn profits and pay taxes. They are responsible

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Corporate Social Responsibility

How to Make an Effective CSR Strategy-A Study

Depending on the quality of marketing strategy it can be decided whether it has business value or does not have

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UN Guiding principles for Business and Human Rights developed by Ruggie

UN Guiding principles for Business and Human Rights developed by Ruggie – An Analysis

There needs to be framework for global enterprises and other business establishments on human rights issue. The framework will guide

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The Triple Bottom Line-A Study

The Triple Bottom Line – A Study

Everyone wants to be part of a company that provides her with a sense of pride. Besides rendering employees with

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Responsible Supply Chain Management-An Analysis

Responsible Supply Chain Management – A Study

Large organizations realize that sustainable supply chain management promotes brand integrity, decreases risks of operating and brings forward the chances

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The Best

Porter’s Shared Value – An Analysis

Capitalism has recently come under threat of social criticism. Business is increasingly been targeted for the problems, such as economics,

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Business paper infographic

Is there a Business Case for CSR – An Analysis?

Businesses are increasingly getting involved in social activities that take care of the well being of the society and the

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Implementing strategy

Employer branding

Understanding Employer Branding

Employer branding is essentially a company’s goodwill as an

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Vector recovery and crisis direction sign

Understanding Turnaround Management

Turnaround management is a process of corporate revival from a position of bankruptcy or near bankruptcy.

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social responsibility

A Look into the Triple Bottom Line (TBL)

TBL or Triple Bottom Line is an accounting concept that takes into consideration the impact an organization has not only

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Pyramid of Purpose

Understanding Pyramid of Purpose

For any professional organization it is essential that it follows a business strategy and that this strategy is understood by

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Accountability word cloud

Corporate Governance – A Detailed Study

Whenever a company faces problems such as corruption issues, fraud issues, etc it is natural that the company lacked corporate

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Group of Multiethnic Busy People Working in an Office

Practical Business Planning- A Study

The most important part of a successful business is its planning. Many business owners tend to ignore this facet of

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Vision, Mission, Goals

Mission and Vision Statements- An Analysis

A company that has a well established purpose of action makes its employees passionate and committed about their

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to place concepts

VMOST Analysis- A Study

Whether a team is headed in the right direction or working towards the objectives of the company are important things

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Red path across labyrinth

The Hoshin Planning System – An Analysis

In many organizations employees have a destination to reach, but there is no device to help them reach that destination.

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Balanced scorecard diagram, chart shapes vector concept on black

The Balanced Scorecard – An Analysis

If a team member is given a target and told that she will be rewarded if she is able to

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IT management

red leader chair with large group of black chairs

The Role of CIO Starting from Execution to Development

The CIO or the Chief Information Officer is a popular job title provided to the most senior executive in the

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Cloud computing

Significance and Advantages of Cloud Computing in Today’s World

Cloud computing can be defined as the kind of computing which depends on the shared resources of the computers instead

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Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence and Its Advantages in Organizations

Business intelligence can be defined as the tools or the systems which plays great role in the planning and the

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Service concept

ITIL and Its Organizational Benefits

ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a guided framework which helps in planning, delivery and support of the IT

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IT Outsourcing

IT Outsourcing and Its Benefits in Business

IT outsourcing is the process of seeking resources outside an organizational structure for the entire or parts of the IT

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IT Organization and Its Role in Business

IT organization or the Information Technology organization is that specific department in an enterprise which is responsible in developing, monitoring

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IT governance concept

Developing an Effective Strategy with IT Governance

In today’s IT world, business managers and decision makers face various risks and

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Enterprise resource planning

Creating the Foundation of Organization through ERP

ERP is an acronym for Enterprise Resource

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Big Data The V's on a Laptop with Clouds

Big Data: Its Definition and Importance

Big data is a term that can be explained with the availability of structured and unstructured data and the exponential

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Improving Your Business through Mobile Technology

Mobile technology is that type of technology which is generally used for the cellular

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Abstract mesh vector illustration, template for technology theme

Use TOGAF for Improving Business Efficiency

Introduced in the year 1995, TOGAF is a global standard for the enterprise architecture

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Organizational design

Group of Diverse Hands Together

Diversification – A Detailed Study

A company owning another firm in good financial times is quite common. Some of the largest companies in the world

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measuring ruler

Deming’s Five Diseases of Management – A Study

When a company launches new initiatives even before older ones are implemented properly, when managers leave the company and focus

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Strategic Alliances - An Analysis

Strategic Alliances – An Analysis

A company should develop new capabilities to grow in future. If a business wants to function successfully in a different

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Adizes' Corporate Lifecycle - An Analysis

Adizes’ Corporate Lifecycle – An Analysis

As companies grow, they go through life cycle procedure that is quite predictable. With every stage, the organization experiences more

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EPRG Model

A Close Look at the EPRG Model

There are a number of companies that are operating on a global scale than national scale. New parameters are added

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Organization Design – A Close Look at the Concept

Organization Design – A Close Look at the Concept

The essence of any organization is the basis of competitive advantage, and it is essential for business owners to address

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Mintzberg's Organizational Configurations

Mintzberg’s Organizational Configurations – A Study

Organizations that have figured out the best way to integrate the internal and external elements are considered to be

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3d Metallic ripples

Miles and Snow’s Organizational Strategies – An Analysis

Organizations need to implement defender strategy in an attempt to protect their market from existing as well as new

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Daisies on green nature background, stages of growth

The Greiner Curve – A Study

A company that grows rapidly experiences changes in its approach to get a job done. With increase in the number

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team of paperman

The Pyramid of Organizational Development- An Elaborate Study

A start up company, in spite of facing initial hiccups has a lot of potential to make it big in

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Mobile Notebooks Network

Understanding McKinsey 7S Framework

Business owners need to analyze how well the organization is positioned to achieve its

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Process optimization

house refurbishing concept

Business Process Reengineering- An Analysis

Cases are heard where companies have to lay off employees, yet suffer from losses. Their profit percentage and revenue keeps

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concept workflow

Business Process Management-A Study

There are instances when companies have to let go of their reputation and sales because of diminished service

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Group of Architects Planning on a New Project with their Bluepri

The RACI Matrix – An Analysis

It is often considered that team work is a useful way to attain objectives at workplaces. Companies that have well

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Strategic opportunities

Reidenbach and Robin's five stages

Reidenbach and Robin’s Five Stages of Corporate Ethical Development

Reidenbach and Robin have identified five stages of moral development with every higher stage bringing an organization closer to more

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Man standing on highest cube

CAGE Distance Framework- An Elaborate Study

Many companies have been forced to bring down their shutters of overseas ventures because of certain infrastructural issues. Businesses are

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Arrows Graph cycle chart 3d with copy space -clipping path

Value Chain Analysis- A Study

Business is all about taking raw materials, adding value to them and turning them into a useful service or product

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The GE-McKinsey Matrix – A Study

An entrepreneur would never have faced any problem if she had immense resource of time and money. However, in reality

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The Boston Matrix- A Study

The Boston Matrix- A Study

When reviewing the products of an organization, an entrepreneur has to decide the products on which she should

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Customer Value

Porter’s Value Chain – An Elaborate Study

Changing business inputs into outputs, so that they fetch more value than the cost of creating the outputs is of

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Mullins’ Seven Domains Model – A Study

When an individual purchases something, she looks at it from all possible perspectives. This way, she makes sure that she

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Bar chart business growth

McKinsey’s Seven Degrees of Freedom for Growth- A Detailed Study

Companies try to find new opportunities to increase their profit margin. Some organizations merge or acquire to expand; others come

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The strategy tools guide online offered by Tools4management provides the following tools which might help the managers in their decision making process.

  • Competitive intelligence comprises of three categories – tactical, strategic and counter intelligence which focus on all short term, long term and confidential issues of an organisation. The managers can use the concept for obtaining competitive advantages. The  customer. Company and competitors are also identified as the strategic factors essential for  success in Kohler’s 3C model.
  • Competitive advantages can be obtained in various ways.  The Kay’s Distinctive Capabilities Framework enables the managers to assess three capabilities -reputation, architecture and innovation to forecast success of an organisation. The competencies of an organisation can be identified using the core competence analysis and VRIO model whereas the potential  strengths of a business can be identified using Weisboard’s six box model. The other tools such as -USP analysis and Technology life cycle analysis are also helpful for remaining competitive in market.
  • The activities of competitors can be analysed using the Porter’s four corner model and value net model. A business cannot be successful without satisfying their customers. The need of developing new products to satisfy customers is identified in Kotler and Keller’s five product model while the ADL matrix gives the idea on competitive position in industry and thus these tools are essential for business plans.
  • The core strategy tools such as business model canvas, SWOT and TWOS analysis enables an organisation to assess the impacts of different internal and external factors on performance. The external factors affecting business can be assessed in more detailed manner using PEST analysis,  Porter’s diamond and Five forces analysis. However,  the organisations can choose to make business decisions in five stages as suggested in Lafley and Martin’s five-  step strategy model.
  • CSR can be considered as one of the main sources of competitive advantages as it enables the organisations to contribute for the society. The triple bottom line concept suggests the ways to earn profit without affecting planet or people while the responsible supply chain techniques also reduce the adverse effects of organisational activities on environment. The porter’s shared values are other effective ways to take part in social development process without affecting profitability.
  • The strategy tools guide online offered by tools4 management also includes other tools for strategy implementation ( VMSOT analysis,  Balanced Scorecard etc),  IT management techniques (Big data and TOGAF), organisational analysis and process optimization tools which might help the managers in decision making.

To know more about the online strategy tools, the professionals can register themselves with  tools4management.