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Generating revenue is important for each and every organization irrespective of its market of operation or product type. The unit, which is directly responsible for generating revenue, is sales department and thus, it is a vital part of any organization. As all other activities of a company- from budgeting to manufacturing, fail to give any result without proper sales strategy, most of the businesses gives maximum stress on increasing profit with the help of skilled sales professional.  On other hand, sales strategies cannot be implemented successfully without proper marketing techniques as without using these techniques, promoting products among customers, is not possible.

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Customer experience mapping

Customer Experience Mapping to Develop a Winning Marketing Strategy

It is important for organizations to know how they look from

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Perceptual mapping

Perceptual Mapping to Understand Customer Perceptions

Most of the companies don’t think about what customers really feel about their products and

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Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning model

Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning Model – A Close Look

Segmentation, targeting, and positioning, also famous as STP process, is a marketing application which is followed by leading commercial houses

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Net Promoter Score

Learn the Net Promoter Score and System

Net promoter score is a kind of management tool that measures the customer’s relationships with the firm with an index

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Marketing Research Mix

Understanding the Marketing Research Mix

Marketing means putting the right product at the right place in the right

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Business team

Using Focus Groups in Evaluation and Program Development

For the planning and evaluation purposes, surveys and the feedback can be considered as the most effective

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The Brand Pyramid

Understanding the Brand Pyramid

It is common consumer behavior to have a strong preference for some brands, and a casual approach to same product

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Keller's brand equity model

Apply Keller’s Brand Equity Model for Building Appealing Brand

Have you ever thought what makes brand appealing and strong? If you are planning to do that for your company,

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Kapferer's Brand Identity Prism

What is Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism and How is It Effective?

What would come to your mind when you think about a luxury car? The first thing that will come to

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developing good customer relationships

Customer Relationship Building Tactics to Boost Business Prospects

Money can buy raw materials for producing goods and services, but it cannot build the key asset, which is called

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Creating A Value Proposition

Effective Steps for Creating a Value Proposition

Value proposition is that particular thing that helps in determining whether your potential customers will feel interested in knowing your

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The Sales Funnel

The Sales Funnel – A Study

Sales funnel is the process of selling from its initiation to the point when a sale is actually

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The Buy-Sell

The Buy-Sell Hierarchy to Understand Customer Relationships

Prices are too high these days and sales giving away our product.

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Product diffision curve

Product Diffusion Curve to Target Different Groups

Are you planning to introduce a new product? Do you know who your target client is? Can you draw demographic

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Product Life Cycle

Learn the Product Life Cycle and Its Stages

The product life cycle is very essential concept in the marketing. The life cycle can be divided into several stages

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Businessman drawing marketing concepts

Understanding Marketing Mix and the 4Ps

Marketing is all about putting the right ‘product’ at the right ‘place’ at the right ‘price’ and using right ‘promotional’

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Market Segmentation

Market Segmentation and Its Application

Market segmentation is the process of segregating a large unit of homogenous market into different small segments which possess the

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Developing Marketing Strategy

How to Develop a Strong Marketing Strategy?

Developing a marketing strategy is not a simple task as it involves several

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Ansoff Matrix

Understand the Risks through Ansoff Matrix

The successful businesspersons can create strategies on how to increase the profits. They can have different ideas about the new

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Market Sizing – An Analysis

Given the situation that a business is running at a loss in spite of good products, well trained as well

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Web marketing


A Successful Guide to SEO and Its Applications

Search engine optimization is a smart process of obtaining traffic from the natural or organic results of the search

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PPC Pay Per Click

Steps for an Effective PPC Campaign

Online advertising or PPC (Pay Per Click) is the method of marketing where the advertiser does not require paying charge

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Learn Excellent Marketing Strategies with Email Marketing

Email marketing is the process of promoting the products or services via email. It can be used for improving the

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Body language

Learn the Importance of Blog Marketing

Blogging is a very essential activity and plays a great role in the marketing strategy of your business. A weblog

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Media marketing concept

An Effective Guide to Online Video Marketing

The websites can communicate messages to their audience through the videos. There can be three types of videos namely,

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Why sales and marketing is important?

In a competitive environment, the sales managers require evolving their sales and marketing strategies continuously in order to increase revenue. In order to do that, the managers can take help from sales strategy guide online.  The managers also can  enrich  themselves  with  new skills and  up-to-date  knowledge on global  sales and  marketing  trends by  pursuing a sales and marketing training online.

Skills required for sales and marketing:

Although it is assumed that being extrovert is important to achieve success as a sales-professional, in reality one requires several other skills too. It is not possible for anyone to inherit all the skills for making career in sales. People, who do not have those skills, can still be a successful sales professional by developing skills by taking sales and marketing training online.

Need of training in sales and marketing:

Sales and marketing decisions are extremely crucial for the success of an organization. As any inappropriate sales or marketing decisions can affect the business severely, the managers might need a sales strategy guide online to develop the strategies effectively.

Tools4management uses the following techniques for enabling managers to take the most suitable decisions.

# The concept of sales funnel describes that sale of a product is completed at six stages (suspecting, prospect, approaching, negotiating, commitment and order). The managers require having clear understanding of customers’ demands in order to provide them the perfect product. The customer experience mapping is an excellent tool for understanding their needs while the managers can understand perception of customers on a product using perceptual mapping technique. Apart from these techniques, the managers can obtain any important information on the target customers using Focus Group Evaluation.

#Building relationship with the customers is equally important for an organization. Managers can do it effectively with the help of Buy-sell Hierarchy or net promoter tool which enables them to evaluate customers’ satisfaction level.

# Use of STP ( Segmentation, targeting and  positioning ) is another effective tool which helps the sales managers to introduce a product to a particular customer group by breaking larger market into small  groups and identifying  the most profitable group.  However, a product can be presented to the target customers effectively using marketing research mix technique and marketing mix techniques.

# Increasing awareness of people on a particular brand is one of the main responsibilities of marketing managers. The concept of brand pyramid can be used by managers to make the customers loyal while the Keller’s Brand Equity Model and Kapferer’s Brand Identity Prism help them to create a positive image of the brand.

#   the  marketing  managers  should  have  clear  idea on  the  product  being offered.  The product life cycle,   helps the managers to understand all the stages after launching the product in market whereas the Ansoff’s matrix helps them to plan for market expansion, penetration and development.

# Online marketing is one of the latest techniques which are being used to communicate with large number of customers using internet. The modern marketing and sales managers should be aware of the SEO techniques, PPC campaign, email blog and video marketing to inform the customers about their product.

Although it is difficult, with unique marketing training techniques, the managers can easily cope up with ever-changing demands of customers.