Online Project Management Tools and Techniques

Your organization has recently started working on a project. You have only one week to complete the project. You have to assess the changes needed to successfully complete the project, manage risks & uncertainties, and realize what scheduling is. As a project manager you also need to control the scope and have a complete understanding of the project. This is where sound knowledge of project management tools and techniques comes handy.

Change Management

Time for change clockface

Changing People’s Habits – An Analysis

There are times when new employees or even managers, straight out of project management courses attend meetings on time and

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Beckhard and Harris' Change Equation

Beckhard and Harris’ Change Equation for Organizational Transformations

Implementing change in organizations is not an easy task. However, there are some changes, which are given importance following the

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Project and Program Governance - An Analysis

Project and Program Governance – An Analysis

Sometimes, projects may fail to be successful even if the required components that can make it a success are present.

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Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change - A Study

Overcoming Cultural Barriers to Change – A Study

It is important that a company realizes the way in which its people react to changes.

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Change Decision Making Concept

Understanding the Change Curve Model

Change is inevitable may it be in an organization or in your personal life. You should be prepared with proper

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The Burke-Lewin Change Model

The Burke-Litwin Change Model

The most important aspect of change is that it never occurs in isolation. A change in any of the various

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Time For Change

The ADKAR® Change Management Model for Implementing and Sustaining Changes

Awareness, Desire, Knowledge, Ability, and Reinforcement (ADKAR) refers to a change management goal-oriented model using which management teams can focus

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Stakeholder Management

Stakeholder Management

Whether your project would reach its desired goal depends entirely on how well you interact with your

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Stakeholder analysis

Understanding Stakeholder Analysis

As you successfully advance in your career you would be affecting more and more people with your actions and with

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Autumn leaf changing color from green to red

Defining Lewin’s Change Management Model

Regardless of how large your industry is or how long it has been in the business it is bound to

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United as one, but still showing individuality

Leavitt’s Diamond – A Study

Often, while project handling the define processes may not return the expected results, leading to loss of time and

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Eight Blank Steps Show Copy Space For 8 Letter Word

Kotter’s 8-Step Change Model – Implementing Changes Successfully and Powerfully

John Kotter, the worldwide acclaimed expert on transformational leadership described an 8-Step Change Model to create a lasting transformation in

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Change Management

Change Management – A Study

Sometimes while handling project things may get out of hand, as if it has developed a life of its own.

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Understanding Bridges’ Transition Model

Change is not always comfortable for the people concerned and this makes them resistant.

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Why Changes Can Fail?

Making changes no doubt is tough, but it fuels the constant need to bring in an improved outlook on the

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Arrows and blocks

SIPOC Diagrams for Process Definition and Improvement

Get a high-level process view with SIPOC diagrams. It stands for Supplier, Input, Process, Output, and Customer (SIPOC). Before you

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Framework and process

vector development cycle

Business Testing in Projects – A Close Look

More often than not projects are always tested for their viability before being

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Benefits management

Understanding Benefits Management

Benefits management is a process that ensures that projects are delivered as they are expected. A project is born when

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Managing project uncertainties

Managing Project Uncertainties – A Close Look At It

Uncertainties are inherent to any project and even the most efficient management team cannot avoid or overcome them. The best

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Request for Proposal Documents - An Analysis

Request for Proposal Documents – An Analysis

Organizations often get into problems with their suppliers. Starting from slow delivery to bad quality of goods, irregular supply chain

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Rationalizing your project portfolios

Rationalizing Project Portfolios – A Study

There are often several projects in hand, but not enough resources to complete them in

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Project Issue Management

Understanding Project Issue Management

Before going into detail about the topic, we should have a basic understanding of the word ‘issue’. The simple definition

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Architect and engineer reviewing plans

Project Initiation Documents – A Comprehensive Study

When doing a project it is very common to see your partners have different views of where the project is

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Analyzing documents

Understanding the Importance of Project Finance Management

Finance management is the primary attribute of any organization. When it comes to project management finance is the main area

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Business teamwork, internet and communication concept

Project Close Activities – A Discussion

The successful organizations are characterized by their ability to handle projects quickly by constantly being involved in the project

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Project Charter

Project Charter – A Comprehensive Study

Charter is a written document from an authority creating an entity for defining the rights, rules, principles, privileges and

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Learn the Perfect Ways to Write a Business Case

Before going into how to write a business case, it is important to understand why it is

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Business infographic design concept with two arrows

The Planning Cycle for Successful Project Management Execution

The Planning Cycle is a tool for effective project management that brings together the different planning aspects into a unified,

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The Logical Framework Approach – A Study

The logical framework model is a tool used in the management for the purpose of designing and monitoring the development

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Risk Impact Probability Chart

Risk Impact/Probability Chart – An Analysis

Risk management is a critical need in every professional and business field, there are ample chances of the projects you

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Project Management Phases and Processes - An Analysis

Project Management Phases and Processes – An Analysis

Except in case of the smallest assignments, project managers make use of properly established management methods. Some of the methods

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Scheduling and planning

Project Development

Project Development Schedule – An Analysis

Have you ever started a work not knowing how exactly to complete it? You might complete it at one point

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Planning large projects and program

Planning Large Projects and Programs – Concept, Challenges and Solutions

The need for discernible transformation that is futuristic in carefully marshalling plans and faithfully executing it cannot be over-emphasized in

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Rock climber clinging to a cliff

Understanding Gap Analysis

Gap analysis in simple terms can be defined as the device used for comparing the prospective performance and the actual

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Estimating Time Accurately

Why and How to Estimate Time Accurately?

Often, you have to undertake difficult projects with too tight deadlines. This naturally leads to frayed tempers, unhappy sponsors, and

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teamwork business concept - cube assembling from blocks

PERT Charts and Critical Path Analysis

Sometimes in life you come across projects which are huge and highly complex. For handling these projects efficiently each and

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Gantt Charts

Gantt Charts – A Study

An American management consultant and engineer, Henry Gantt devised this chart in his own version making it extremely popular all

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Action Planning

Understanding Action Planning

When it comes to completing a project you need to know what it exactly is and list down what you

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Arrows and blocks

Work Breakdown Structures to Make Your Complex Projects Manageable

Work Breakdown Structures (WBS) refers to project key deliverables to organize teamwork into various manageable sections.

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Scope Management

Vector modern white circle icon on red background

Scope Control – A Detailed Analysis

Sometimes while handling project, things may get out of hand. You might have started out with a set of requirements

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Business requirement analysis

Understanding How Business Requirement Analysis Works

While working on a project every single step taken, every single product manufactured and every new project undertaken is the

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The basics

Program Management

Understanding Program Management

Program Management is a process for handling several projects in an organization with the intention to improve the performance of

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Asking a question

Learn Agile Project Management with Its Implementation Process

Agile project management is a method of managing the design and applying various engineering methods for launching a new product

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Discussing documents

A Simple Guide to Project Management

Project management is a methodical process for organizing, planning and motivating the resources for achieving success in specific goals or

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Architects measuring blueprint

How to Successfully Overcome the Iron Triangle of Project Management?

Every project is fraught with constraints during both analysis and implementation of projects. It is the job of the managers

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Project management is the concept of understanding and bringing the changes required in a project. Understanding the correct change management tools is essential, if you have to handle different types of stakeholders. You may have members in your team who are not ready to sync in to the changes you want to introduce. Having a perception about a project’s framework helps you manage the risks and uncertainties involved.

You should plan and delegate work to each team member in such a way that he or she can complete the work in time. In the middle of the project, you may run out of resources. To handle such situations and to reach the organization’s objectives, it is important that you control the project’s scope.

Learn from Our Huge Pool of Project Management Tools

Project management tools help in realizing the goals of an organization within the stipulated time. Tools4Mangement offers you a number of project management and change management tools that give you a comprehensive idea on how to manage projects by introducing changes and adhering to those changes successfully.

Knowing the advantages and disadvantages you have to face helps a lot in handling projects. We present you framework articles, so that you can build your projects after assessing all perspectives. Our project management tools online also assist you in realizing the needs of stakeholders and record them.

Do you have to manage a big team? In that case, our scheduling and planning articles can guide you to reach the project’s objectives. Read our articles on Gap Analysis and Action Planning to know how you can distribute work among team members to complete work in time.

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