Personal Effectiveness and Time Management Skills Training

At times, you face heavy workload at office. To complete your assignments you start working extra hours. Working extra hours is good unless you make it a practice and it begins to hamper your personal life. In course of time, you lose interest in your work and your productivity level falls. This is when you can use personal effectiveness and improve productivity level. Personal effectiveness assists you in setting goals, prioritizing work, concentrating on tasks, motivating yourself and managing time effectively.


Energizing Yourself - A Detailed Study

Energize Yourself to Work Efficiently

There are times when a professional becomes tired and wants to take rest. These are times when an employee cannot

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Pomodoro Technique

A Close Look at the Pomodoro Technique

Pomodoro Technique that is known as a time management method invented by the great psychologist Francesco Cirillo on

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Ways to Improve Your Concentration and Ability to Focus

It would have been nice if people are able to concentrate on a topic without deviating mind into other thoughts.

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Work from home

Work from Home – A Close Look at the Concept

You've found the perfect work to do from home. You will be able to save huge on fuel while at

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traffic flow of vehicles

The Flow Model – A Study

There are times when people do so much work that they lose track of time. The entrepreneur was so busy

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Goal setting

How to Develop Long-Term Focus - A Study

How to Develop Long-Term Focus?

Professionals often have small goals and after they are achieved they do not know which way to direct the team

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Half-Time Review - A Lesson From Sports

Half-Time Review – What Makes the Strategy Important?

While watching sports, you have witnessed that experts bring up several issues related with the game on break

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set smart goals on blackboard

Golden Rules of Goal Setting – A Study

It is essential that a professional understands the main goals that she has to achieve in a given time

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mistakes in setting goals

Know About the Eight Common Goal-Setting Mistakes

Sometimes a professional sets goals and is excited about future

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New Year's event

Delving Deeper into the Idea of New Year’s Resolutions

It is natural for people to make resolutions on New Year. But, there are also many people who have stopped

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Set your goals

Personal Goal Setting – To Succeed in Life

“No matter how diligently I work, success always eludes me!” Many people go through this

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Set your goals

Using Well-Formed Outcomes in Goal Setting – A Study

People set goals at the start of the year or when they come across something that can change their lives.

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what is your mission?

Personal Mission Statements – A Detailed Analysis

Many reputed companies like the Fortune 500 have some commercial statements to accomplish their mission. Mission statements are intended to

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Lockes Goal Setting Theory

Locke’s Goal Setting Theory – A Detailed Analysis

"Goal setting theory" is the principle which defines how people are motivated to require action upon their goals.

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Treasure Mapping

Treasure Mapping For Meeting Organizational and Personal Objectives

Treasure mapping helps breathe new life into you objectives and provides for you an acceptable picture of what you need

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Visualization for a Successful Professional Life

Imaginative visualization is a mental strategy that uses the creative energy to make dreams and objectives work

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Point to Point Travel Route

Backward Goal-Setting – An Analysis

When an employee plans to attain a goal, it is natural for her to start from the scratch and reach

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Managing Conflicting Priorities - A Study

Managing Conflicting Priorities – A Study

Often professionals have to face situations when they have to submit more than one project within the same

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How To Get More Done in Less Time

How to Do More Work in Less Time? – Strategies to Work More and Efficiently

As a professional, when it comes to time management you must realize that you have to take your job

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Developing Prioritization for Accomplishing Goals Successfully

Often accomplishing business goals and task is a daunting affair, leading to stress.

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Action Priority Matrix

Learning about the Tool of Action Priority Matrix

Not being capable of correctly handling your time is one thing, but it is a new way to go through

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Erasing Bad Habits with Pencil Eraser

Breaking Bad Habits Leads to Promising Business Career

Many people tame bad habits, which can harm their career or

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Are You a Procrastinator

How Procrastination Can Be a Barrier in Your Professional Life

Many people at some point or the other have experienced procrastination in their life.

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Snyder's Hope Theory

Snyder’s Hope Theory Leads to Business Success

In daily life, you come across many hurdles.

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Just Now

Overcoming Procrastination – Steps You Can Try Out

It might be noticed sometimes that several people tend to put off their important tasks to be done in the

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Staying Challenged All The Way

Weariness can strike anyone, from the most up-to-date assistant to the most senior CEO. It's less about having a light

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You can by yourself

Understand the Worth of Self-discipline

Self-discipline is defined as preparing self for new thoughts, activities, and discussion on improving the self-productivity to meet personal and

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Self determination

Self Determination Theory for Strong Motivation

The self-determination theory or SDT theory is a macro theory, concerned with human motivation and personality, and deals with the

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Time management tools

The Art of Filing - A Study

The Art of Filing – A Study

Some people keep their colleagues and bosses waiting over the phone while they search for an important document among huge

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The Art of Concise Conversations - An Analysis

The Art of Concise Conversations – An Analysis

Sometimes people call up their colleagues to discuss official

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Time is money

Dealing with Lateness – An Analysis

In most companies there are few people who come late

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Blackboard and Coloured Chalks

Action Programs – A Study

The importance of arranging actions in the beginning of career is essential in becoming successful in the long

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Time And Money

Leverage – An Analysis

Lifting an object can be possible even when a person is not using

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Group of businessman run and beat for time

Multitasking – A Study

Professionals often multitask to increase their productivity. For instance, a resource talks on the phone to her superior while at

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Organizing Disorganized People - A Study

Organizing Disorganized People – A Study

There are times when people do a lot of hard work and send it to their colleagues for checking.

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Take action

Valuing Your Time – An Analysis

It is not easy to measure the importance of the time spent by a professional at work, unless she works

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Activity Logs

Activity Logs – An Important Time Management Tool

Do you think it is possible for you to spend time at work much productively than you do now? How

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Minimizing Distraction

Learn How to Minimize Distractions

Suppose you are in a warehouse which is empty. You are working there with high-end devices and surrounded by tons

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3d laptop, magnifying glass and computer files

Managing Electronic Files – Useful Tips and Advice

As the bulk of digital files increases in your office it becomes harder and harder to pinpoint individual males, documents,

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Domino (1)

How to Be Organized – Increase Your Control on the Day

But trying to change your bad habits all at once; is the wrong approach. Transformations happen over time so you

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e-business or spam

Learn the Rules of Effective Management of Emails

Whether you are website designer, blogger or a freelancer, managing emails is probably an intimidating task. There is a need

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Creating Time in your Day

Creating Time in your Day – Maximizing a Busy Schedule

Time – it is something that money can't really buy, and something that many of us would like more of!

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Allen's Input Processing Technique

What is Allen’s Input Processing Technique?

We come across loads of information every day. This includes voice mails, e-mails, phone calls, invoices, meeting requests, and various

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To-Do Lists

To-Do Lists for Managing Your Time Effectively

Often, we feel overwhelmed by the amount of work that requires doing. It seems that not all the hours in

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Managing Interruptions – A Study

If a person gets interrupted in her work on a regular basis, it harms her productivity and bars her success.

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With increased work pressure, you have to effectively set your goals. Goal-setting is a smart approach to deal with the sudden changes of work life. Sometimes, you have to handle more than one task and deliver them on time. Such situations are confusing and this confusion can be cleared by prioritizing tasks. Determine the importance of each work and select the task with maximum priority.

Every project needs full concentration once you commence working on it. However, you may have to compromise efficiency and concentration due to high work load. Taking breaks in the middle of tasks help in concentrating on past mistakes and also gives you the opportunity to improve performance. Doing a task repeatedly often becomes boring. When work becomes monotonous and concentrating becomes an issue, professionals should try to motivate themselves. Bring discipline to your work life and avoid procrastination.

Another crucial factor of personal effectiveness is time management. You can successfully complete work, if you leverage time at your disposal instead of wasting it. Time management skills training form an essential part of gaining personal effectiveness.

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Locke’s Goal Setting Theory and Treasure Mapping for Meeting Organizational Goals can increase your work efficiency. Learn how to manage conflicting priorities and manage more work in limited time. The Action Priority Matrix Tool tells you about the need of prioritization. Take enough breaks within work to be able to conduct it with renewed energy. Learn about the Pomodoro Technique to manage time and avoid distraction and stay self-motivated by reading Self Determination Theory and Snyder’s Hope Theory. These personal effectiveness tools give you confidence to tackle the most complicated situations. You can effectively use time by maintaining a to-do list and organizing your e-mails efficiently.

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