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Innovation is crucial for any organization for retaining their position in market and also for utilizing new opportunities. Without innovation no organization succeeds to satisfy their customers’ need. Despite being vital, often the managers hesitate to bring changes in product or organizational process owing to the risks associated with such decisions. As an impact, organizations face several problems such as decreased sales figure or reduced brand popularity.

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Creativity and ideas and vision

Rolestorming: Looking Inwards for Winning Ideas

Rolestorming is a modification of brainstorming where participants take up roles of different individuals.

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Business people online meeting strategic pictograms set of presentation conference and teamwork isolated  illustration

Understanding Online Brainstorming

Brainstorming is a regular practice in professional

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Explaining ideas

The Charette Procedure for Brainstorming Great Content

Have you ever come across a situation where you need to face more then 15-20 people in a brainstorming session?

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Fireworks Patterns

Starbursting Brainstorming Techniques to Generate Creative Ideas

People often bombard with multiple questions, whenever there is a discussion about launching a new product or finding solution to

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Round Robin Brainstorming

Round Robin Brainstorming for Effective Learning

Brainstorming is a good way to generate ideas and is an open ended process that creates an exhaustive list of

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Think Outside The Box Tic Tac Toe Concept

Reverse Brainstorming is a Better Way to Generate Unique Ideas

Imagine the situation, where you want to come up with brain storming ideas to improve customer loyalty or trust, and

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Crawford's Slip Writing Method

Crawford’s Slip Writing Method for Generating Ideas from Different Contributors

People often look for ways to unlock collective knowledge of their team members or participants, but are not sure of

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Brainstorming – Art of Making Effective Decisions

Many of us make use of brainstorming to solve complex problems. People are likely to use experience brainstorming at least

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Innovation process


Developing Thinking Skills with the Disney Creative Strategy

When you are assigned task of creative planning, it can be hard to find the apt way of transforming imaginative

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Practical Innovation

What is Practical Innovation- Why is It Important?

For an organization, the ability to transform itself with time determines its longevity and that it why we see some

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Kano Model Analysis to meet ever

Kano Model Analysis to Meet Ever-Changing Needs of Customers

The needs of customers are ever changing, and it has become important for organizations to meet the needs of their

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Generating New Ideas

Think Different For Generating New Ideas

For the ever increasing competition, your organization should perform in a different way than the others in the

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Stairs from four pieces of the puzzle

Identify the Four-Step Innovation Process

As the innovation process is associated with everything new, even a small business owner can think of innovation.

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Doblin’s 10 type of Innovation

Building Breakthroughs through Doblin’s 10 Types of Innovation

Whenever we talk about innovation we consider about the product innovation. But Doblin has talked about 10 types of

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blackboard with yes we can word cloud

Do It – A Simple Process to Think Creatively

People often get struck while finding creative solutions to any problem. It is not easy to come up with positive

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Design thinking

Design thinking – A Unique Concept for Innovation

Design thinking can be said as the cognitive activities applied by the designers during the process of designing.

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Success man on the mountain

Effective Steps to Turn Your Ideas into Reality

You may have heard a lot of times ‘that’s a great idea, let’s make it into reality’. But how many

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Motivation concept

TRIZ Model for Creative Problem Solving

Did you ever come across the situation, where you reached a stage after detailed analysis, and you are left with

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A single innovation and creativity training can help organizations to avoid such situations as   such training support managers to generate innovative ideas. However, innovative ideas cannot be implemented successfully unless employees of all level participate in the process. Pursuing a innovation process training online will not be beneficial for mangers only, other employees also can increase their contribution to the process.

Which skills are required for innovation and creation?

One cannot develop innovating ideas without the ability of creative thinking. One should be able to generate ideas which are unique but practical. Apart from possessing the above-stated skills, managers who are responsible for bringing innovation, should be able to collect ideas from others. As several skills are needed for bringing innovation, pursuing an innovation process training online could be helpful for all those who are responsible for bringing changes with creative ideas.

How does Innovation and creativity training can help?

Bringing innovation in products on regular basis is not at all easy. Tools4management suggests some of the techniques which can help one to bring innovation using own creativity.

# Innovation cannot be implemented without sharing ideas among the members of a team. Use of brainstorming techniques assists the managers to get idea from each and every team-member. Role storming is another concept which is evolved from brainstorming technique. This technique is useful for increasing participation if everyone even of the introvert people.

# It might not be possible for every member to be present physically in brainstorming sessions. The online brainstorming technique might be effective to collect ideas in such situations. Managers can use a brainstorming guide online to make such sessions more effective.

# the conventional brainstorming sessions cannot collect ideas from all stakeholders and thus, might not be effective to for bringing innovation effectively. This problem can be solved using Charette process which ensures that each participant of the idea sharing sessions are contributing completely by conceptualizing thoughts.

#   The managers require using creativity while making changes in products or organizational processes.This can be done best using star bursting brainstorming techniques where the participants give importance of raising questions instated of giving answers. One’s creativity might be affected due to other’s influence. Round Robin brainstorming technique eliminates such problems are ensures that everyone is sharing ideas without being influenced while the Crawford’s slip writing method is effective to utilize the collective  knowledge of participants.

# often solving a problem from reverse side generates better options. Reverse brainstorming techniques helps managers to solve problems from reverse side. However, ability of thinking can be enhanced using Disney Creative strategy which is effective to find the best possible solution using the detailed information of problem. TRIZ is another way for solving problems with creativity.  Managers can find a reliable solution on basis of data and logic using this technique.

# Innovation which can be considered as a four step process is mainly driven by demands of customers. The demands of customers can be analyzed using Kano’s Model. However, the innovation strategies not only aim at increasing profitability but also focus on making the processes more efficient. Doblin suggested 10 types of innovation model which are focused on changing organizational structure or enhancing talent utilization along with increasing profit.

Although innovation is important for every organization, a single wrong decision can cause severe financial as well as reputation loss but with the innovation and creativity training of Tools4management the managers can easily convert their ideas into practice.