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Budget concept

Effective Ways to Create a Business Budget

When you want to make money in the business, you should know the right ways of spending

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About Types of Budgeting Models

Budgeting is an essential accounting process for every scale of organization: small, medium, and

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Budgeted Balance Sheet

Preparation of Budgeted Balance Sheet in Easy Methods

The budgeted balance sheet includes every line item which is similar to the normal balance sheet. Additionally, it also contains

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Budget and Forecast Compared

Budget and forecast though used interchangeably are technically

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Budget concept

Budgeting and Its Benefits in Business

The most basic as well as efficient tool for managing your money is budgeting. It can clearly show you the

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Number of budget scenarios to prepare

Number of Budget Scenarios to Prepare

It is a normal practice for companies to prepare a single budget based on expected earnings and expenditures.

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Financial analysis

Du Pont Analysis

Steps to Apply Du Pont Analysis Method in Business

In the year 1918, the well known electrical engineer F. Donaldson Brown of E.I Du Pont Corporation of Wilmington Delaware

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Word Cloud Cost-Benefit Analysis

Decide Quantitatively Through Cost Benefit Analysis

In the year 1930, a French Engineer Jules Dupuit introduced the concept of the cost benefit

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Business papers and red pencil

Prepare a Business Plan with Cash Flow Forecasting

The cash flow forecasting is the approximation of the timing and amounts of the cash outflow and the inflows over

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Break Even Analysis

Determining Profitability with Break Even Analysis

Break Even Analysis is that type of analysis where you are required to determine whether the revenue is matching the

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Financial Analysis

Financial Analysis – Its Utility

Financial analysis is the process of evaluating the business, projects, budgets and other different finance related entities for determining the

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Evaluation of Net Present Value and Internal Rate of Return

When any investment decisions are taking place with the help of discounted cash flow analysis, the difference between the Internal

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Pricing strategies

Transfer Pricing

Mechanism, Advantages and Disadvantages of Transfer Pricing

The price at which different departments of the company continues their transactions internally can be considered as the transfer

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price and value balance sign

Determining Customer’s Perceived Value with Value Based Pricing

Value based pricing is the method of setting the prices of the products depending on their benefits provided to the

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Time And Materials Pricing

Applying Time and Materials Pricing In the Service Industries

The time and material pricing is basically used in the construction and service industries to prepare the bill of the

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Shadow Pricing – A Sneak Peek into Its Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to an apt definition of shadow pricing, it is important to explain this miscellaneous pricing strategy in

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Psychological Pricing – A Brief Overview

You must have seen hoardings that urge customers to try out a product or service at "just $199

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Pricing Strategies

Different Pricing Strategies for Boosting Sales and Profits

The identification and application of the right pricing strategy can bring out a great difference in your total sales and

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Price Skimming

Price Skimming – Is it Advantageous or Disadvantageous?

In the simplest terms, price skimming can be defined as a strategy of selling a particular product at a high

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3d small people and money pack

Price Leadership – A Brief Overview of Its Advantages and Disadvantages

When it comes to defining price leadership, it can be said that it is a practice applied by a company

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premium quality product grunge retro red isolated ribbon stamp

Premium Pricing – Merits and Demerits

Premium pricing can be defined as the method of fixing a price which is higher than the market price thereby,

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Implementation of Predatory Pricing: Beneficial or Illegal?

Predatory pricing strategy is the technique of setting low prices for eliminating the

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Penetration Pricing Strategy during the Market Entry

The penetration pricing strategy is generally used by the companies to attract the customers towards a new product or a

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Marginal Cost Pricing

Marginal Cost Pricing Strategy for Managing the Production Capacity

From the economics point of view, the marginal cost pricing can be considered to be the strategy of setting the

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Loss Leader Pricing

Loss Leader Pricing Strategy: An Excellent Marketing Tool for Business

The loss leader pricing strategy is an aggressive technique where the retail outlets intentionally sell the products below the market

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Limit Pricing

Managing the Pricing Strategy with Limit Pricing Method

Limit pricing is a technique of setting the price mainly used by the monopolist for discouraging entry of the new

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3d Little man balances High and Low

Evolving New Strategies of Business with High-Low Pricing

High low pricing is nothing but a kind of practice where most of the products are higher priced than the

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Full Cost Plus Pricing

Calculation, Benefits and Risks of Full Cost Plus Pricing

The full cost plus pricing is the technique of setting the price including the direct labor costs, overhead costs, direct

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Implement Freemium Pricing to Increase an Additional Customer Base

Originated from the words ‘free’ and ‘premium’, this pricing strategy can be used in business models which both offers free

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Coin stacks

Managing Price with Market Conditions through Dynamic Pricing Strategy

The dynamic pricing strategy is the process of changing the prices according to the circumstances of the market.

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Cost Plus Pricing

Calculation, Advantages and Disadvantages of Cost Plus Pricing

Cost plus pricing is the method of setting the prices depending on the cost

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Break Even Pricing

Analysis and Benefits of Implementing Break Even Pricing

The price setting method at the point where the business will earn zero profits after sale is considered to be

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Learn the Effective Applications of Absorption Pricing

Absorption pricing is the particular process of setting the prices where the price possesses the variable costs as well as

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