A Few Valuable Things to Learn about ERP Implementations from Rock and Roll

Have you ever imagined that rock and roll can teach you a lot about ERP implementations? No matter how hard it is to believe, but the lyrics of the classic rock songs can actually help you with a successful ERP implementation. Rock and roll gives five fabulous lessons that can be applied to boost an ERP software program.

Don’t take the highway to hell - ERP implementations are complex and executing them successfully is nothing less than overcoming one of the biggest challenges in life. Maximum ERP software programs take more time and resources to get fulfilled and in most cases, fail to succeed and generate the estimated business advantages at the end. Every organization needs to grasp the fact that adequate time, tools and resources are required for proper ERP implementations otherwise; they will follow the wrong path. Organizational change management and project management are among the several factors that can contribute to a perfect ERP software implementation and let you not to step in the highway to hell or the incorrect road to success.

Wipe away the smoke on the water - ERP projects fail due to a lot of factors like, taking wrong decisions and overlooking risks throughout the project work. That is why an efficient team comprising of experienced ERP consultants is required to execute an ERP project. The team must be prompt in identifying the bottlenecks and prevent them before they affect the progress of the project. What rock and roll teaches us is that before it becomes too late to dodge a malfunction, we should erase the smoke on the water.

Keep in mind that the times they are a-changing – Organizational change management is not easy at all. The anticipations regarding the acceptability of the change amongst the employees prick every organization. Although employees show excitement surrounding the implementation of a new ERP system, but when the real implementation takes place, it becomes crystal clear that the excitement was superficial. Employees show hesitation when the traditional manual business procedures are discarded and they feel reluctant to work in a new system. Also, in most cases, employees waver to embrace the changes unless and until they are successful in understanding them clearly. A robust and comprehensive organizational change management program is necessary to make sure the entire staff accepts the change without any difficulty.

Is your ERP project taking care of your business? - The ultimate goal of ERP implementation is to take care of the business of the organization. Although technical aspects of software play a big role in making the implementation a success or failure, but the issues related to business procedures and employee acceptability are also required to be kept in mind. Paying attention to business process re-engineering will make sure that the organizational change management initiative is a success.

You must not stop believing – It is widely accepted that ERP implementations are tough, but there is no wisdom in falling prey to diffidence before the start of the project. Be realistic, optimistic and confident. Don’t lose faith in your abilities to conquer hurdles and come out as a winner.

Take these five significant lessons from rock and roll for successful ERP implementation.