5 Steps to Successful IT Strategic Sourcing

Many companies feel it is safe to outsource their IT services so that these complex tasks are handled by efficient and experienced hands. They also take this business strategy for reducing costs and saving time. No matter for what reason a company decides to outsource their IT services, they have to choose a reliable and renowned service provider. The entire sourcing process becomes hassle-free with the help of an efficient service provider. There are certain steps that lead to successful IT strategic sourcing. A sourcing manager needs to follow them to fulfill his or her responsibilities effectively. Let’s find them out in the following paragraphs.

Five steps to effective IT strategic sourcing


  1. Comprehend the objectives of a firm – The first and foremost step that a sourcing manager needs to take is to gain a strong understanding of the goals of the company and then, find out the reasons behind their decision to outsource IT services. This research helps the professional to plan the whole sourcing process. The understanding of the business goals aids in the process of locating and selecting the most proficient service provider.


  1. Find and shortlist service providers – The next step is to start the search for a reputed, competent and trustworthy service provider that will be able to pull out the job with utmost proficiency and finish the project within the proposed budget and schedule. It is important for the sourcing manager to shortlist four to five service providers so that there is an immediate option when one fails to live up to the expectations during the selection process.


  1. Settle for the best deal – When a company decides to outsource IT services, one of the major reasons behind this happens to be the plan or strategy to control costs. So, it becomes imperative for the sourcing manager to negotiate the most reasonable prices keeping in view the interests of the company. On the other hand, the service provider also wants to secure good profits. Since the sourcing manager works as a mediator between the parent company and the service provider or partner, the professional has to make sure that both the parties gain the most out of the collaboration.


  1. Make an agreement between the company and the IT service provider – In the fourth step, a sourcing manager prepares a contract where all the details of the prospective partnership are clearly penned down. The agreement also eloquently explains the expectations that both the parties have from each other throughout the business collaboration. Then, the contract is finalized by taking the signatures of the allies.


  1. Maintain the business relation amicably – In order to ensure the successful implementation of the IT sourcing strategy, it is significant to maintain the business relation cordially. There may be the requirement of bringing any changes in the agreement and for that maintaining a strong and amicable relationship is necessary. Communication is the key to manage a good and long-lasting business relation.


Therefore, these are the five essential steps that make sure that an IT strategic sourcing process is smooth and trouble-free.