5 Most Powerful Challenges to a BPM Initiative

Over the last few years business process management or BPM has forayed into several industries. A large number of organizations has realized its worth and implemented it for better operational efficiency. But, during the implementation of business process management, many face some really robust challenges. Those who manage to overcome those challenges are successful in the proper incorporation of BPM and thus, enjoy its benefits. If you are yet to implement business process management for the fast development of your company, you need to be aware of the challenges you will come across during the incorporation. So, here are the five most dominant challenges you have to tackle when employing a BPM initiative.


  1. Lack of infrastructure – Whether it is the first BMP initiative or the second one, a proper infrastructure is indispensable in order to ensure that the processes involved in the implementation of a business process management program continue with ease. But, this is something rarely seen in an organization. On the other hand, many firms tend to consider BPM as a ‘mechanism’ for achieving operational efficiency. BPM is not at all a tool for developing and enhancing operational excellence. Sooner the organizations realize this aspect, better for their operations in future. The right infrastructure and right control can show the road to success in BPM implementation.


  1. Lack of a comprehensive plan of action – If you want to leverage the benefits of BPM, you need to chalk out a strong plan of action or an effective roadmap which will act as a guide towards appropriate implementation.


  1. Ignoring the importance of a business case - A business case provides a comprehensible framework for a BPM initiative. In other words, it outlines the purposes behind the incorporation of a BPM program. A business case should generate clear answers to the following important queries.
  • What is the process state lately?
  • What is the estimated process state?
  • What are the costs, influences and incompetency related to the current process state?
  • What are the costs, resources and time required for the projected process state?


  1. A long gap between the planning and incorporation phases - In many cases, it has been recorded that after the mapping of business processes, all the plans wait for a long time to be implemented. This gap between the mapping phase and the implementation phase diminishes and in course of time annuls the importance of employing a BPM initiative. Make sure you do not unnecessarily create a fissure between these two phases. You will end up being a loser otherwise.


  1. Not paying attention to BPM CoE – The most essential factor for the successful implementation of business process management is BPM Center of Excellence or CoE. Building BPM CoE is significant and you need to organize a business process management team for the creation and efficient utilization of BPM Center of Excellence.


So, these are the five most powerful challenges to a business process management initiative. Keep focus and invest your best efforts to tackle these challenges and utilize the remarkable advantages of BPM to see your company swiftly climbing the ladder of success.