5 Faults that Make a Poor Leader

So much is heard and written about the signs of a good leader. Don’t you feel eager to know what makes a bad leader? The judgment of good and bad is made after comparison. That is why unless and until you know the traits of a bad leader, you cannot judge appropriately what makes an efficient leader. So, without extending this introductory paragraph any more, let’s check what faults turn one into a bad leader.

What are the five traits of a poor leader?

  1. An extremely domineering attitude – It is fine that you have the position and the authority to give orders, but being too authoritative does not help at all. An excessively bossy nature makes employees feel subdued as a result of which, you may fail to gain trust and loyalty from them. The staff will always be pressurized and deem you as an autocratic person which is not at all favorable for the success of your organization.
  2. Reluctant to go for organizational changes – Organizational changes are necessary for the smooth functioning of a business. What can be seen in most cases is that bosses are hesitant to bring any changes within the organization for various reasons. They are intimidated by the hard work they have to do and the responsibilities they have to shoulder in order to bring out the change successfully. This is a major turnoff in a leader.
  3. Diffidence and indecisiveness – A leader has to take a lot of decisions, minor and major alike. If a boss fails to show confidence and promptness and wear a wavering attitude in the decision-making process, he or she definitely does not deserve to hold the leadership position. When a leader is diffident and indecisive, who will motivate the employees to improve?
  4. A compromising approach – As a leader, you need to have faith in your principles and decisions and at the same time, you should listen to opinions of others. One of the biggest flaws found in bosses is that many of them are eager to compromise in order to avoid confrontations. This does not convey a positive message to the employees who think their boss is scared of facing arguments. 

  5. Lack of understanding - In order to lead efficiently, a person requires delving deeper into the minds of the employees. He or she has to think from the perspective of an employee before taking any decision regarding the workforce. Otherwise, employees will have a lot to complain about their leader. Empathy is an innate quality and it is said that a true leader is born with it. So, you may think that an individual who is devoid of this inherent skill cannot qualify for a leadership position. In this respect it is worth mentioning that passion can encourage a person to conquer his or her limitations and come out as a winner. One who is keen to hold such a crucial rank can develop this ability by self-assessment.

Therefore, if you dream of becoming a leader one day, you have to earn the big chair by keeping these five flaws at bay.